N – New Zealand

N – New Zealand #atozchallenge
I wanted to do a post on New Zealand for N because I was made aware from my former employees in no uncertain terms that Australians and New Zealanders are not the same.  Apparently, there is a big difference between the two countries despite their close proximity to each other.  Since I am traveling, I am so happy to have found this great post from leftofthesettingsun.wordpress.com who spelled out the differences perfectly.  Check it out.

Left of the setting sun in November

Enough is enough. I’m sick of it, do you hear? Every time I turn on the radio or open a newspaper I’m confronted by some idiot politician or half-wit commentator making some stupid comparison between New Zealand and Australia, invariably at New Zealand’s expense. Generally this is followed up with the immortal threat about everyone leaving here to go there. Well, I’ve done that and come back, and I think it’s a bloody stupid comparison. If you want somewhere to compare New Zealand to, try New Caledonia. Or Jamaica. Or even Ireland. Any post-colonial island nation would make a better comparison than Australia, and they aren’t even our closest neighbour (and we certainly aren’t theirs). Here are nine whole significant reasons why Australia is not New Zealand. Anyone who wants to compare the two countries needs to come up with good reasons why most of these aren’t important.



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