M – Musicians From Australia

Icehouse – 80’s pop rock band who had two big hits in the US Crazy and Electric Blue. The former was written by John Oats or Hall and Oats fame.


Crowded House – 80’s and 90’s rock band that found more fans in the alternative scene then the pop scene.  The too only had two hits in the US.  One of my all time favorite song – Don’t Dream its Over.  You might also remember Something So Strong.


Midnight Oil – The champions of one hit wonders.  Beds are Burning.  I can still see the video and the crazy looking ball headed lead singer and that dance he did.  It was such a rally cry song that demonstrated their quest for social change especially in support of aboriginal rights.    I still love this song.


  Savage Garden – They are a little singsong poppy for my taste but they did have a couple of big hits in the States.  I Want You and Truly MadlyDeeply are pretty good.  It was a radio station in my hometown of Dallas that starting playing their song I Want You that got them signed in the US.  I have to claim it.

INXS– One of my all time favorite bands.  I got to seethem when I was fairly young. It was my first concert. I was a hugefan and was really sad when the lead singer Michael Hutchence died in 1997 under suspicious circumstances.  My favorite songs are Never Tear Us Apart, Need You Tonight and Mediate (great video).

6 thoughts on “M – Musicians From Australia

  1. Nice post! Beds are Burning performed by Midnight Oil was written by Michael Hutchence, Tim Farriss and myself. It was inspired by the 1984 film The Burning Bed starring Farrah Fawcett. It was also inspired by Tim and Michael telling me about the Aborigines. I started working with INXS on songs in the summer of ’83. It was in conversation Tim imitated the sound of a didgeridoo with his voice and I used at the beginning of When Doves Cry performed by Prince when I wrote it.

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