Crazy Stuff in China

I know this is an on going theme in my blog and if you have only visited China or only heard about it,  you probably still don’t quite understand why these incidents are so amusing to me and my friends who live here.  But, trust me when I say that I have never laughed my ass off over so many situations as I have in China.  The latest happened just 5 minutes ago.  My boss/friend and I were leaving dinner and stopped at this little boutique next door to the restaurant.  We were looking at some pendants and rings and boss/friend sat her computer down to take a closer look.  We didn’t buy anything.  So, we proceeded to exit the store and walk over to our hotel a good 5 minute walk up two flights of stairs.  

We are opening the door to go into the hotel and we hear this guy yelling at us in Chinese, “Miss, Miss, your computer, Miss.”   Oh, ok. boss/friend forgot her computer.  No problem, thanks for letting us know.  Thanks for bringing it . . . 

He didn’t bring it.  He ran 5 minutes, after us, up two flights of stairs,  to just tell us that she forgot her computer.  He didn’t bring the computer. I couldn’t believe it.  He didn’t bring us the computer, he just ran all the way over here to tell us we left it.  Is that not insane.  Why waste all that energy and yelling at us like a banshee and not even have the computer to give to us.  Am I going crazy here? Am I missing something?  Are they missing something?  

Unbelievably! We had to walk all the way back to the store, down two flights of stairs and then back to the store, with the guy.  He actually started asking us questions like, “So, how long you been in China?”  OMG!  Boss/friend was pissed but we were laughing our asses off the whole time.  

There is just some things about living here that just can’t be explained sometimes.  


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