Just Another Night in Southern China

It is 10:39 pm on February 17, 2012, what are you doing?

Let me tell you what I am doing.  I am sitting on my bed, watching season 8 of So You Think You Can Dance.

Now I know you are are probably thinking, what are you doing in Southern China. Well, this is were I work.

Why are you sitting on your bed watching TV.  I happen to live in a hotel and don’t have any other other furniture to sit on.

But, why do you live in a hotel? Because I live at a golf resort.

But the most important question you are asking yourself is why is she watching season 8 of SYTYCD.  Well, because it is my favorite show.

But no, why season 8. Because I already say season 7.  Duh! But, season 8. It aired over 6 months ago.  Why are you watching season 8.  Well, I live in China remember.

I have lived here for 4 1/2 years.  So, I don’t know what happen on season 8, yet.  I know you are probably asking yourself now, what doesn’t she just look up the winner online.  She obviously has internet access and she is pretty internet literate.  I mean, she writes this wonderful blog for God sakes.  Look up the winner already.

Well, don’t take my joy away from me.  I am going to stay up until midnight every Friday and enjoy the very few pleasures I am still able to enjoy while still living in this amazingly strange foreign place.

Living in China really isn’t all that hard.  I live in a very westernized place. Westernized with a very thick Chinese accent.  The food is edible, not good mind you, but edible.  The people are nice. Frustrating to deal with a lot of the times, but nice.  My employees do some very strange things at times and I am talking about the American’s as well as the Chinese.  But, business is going well.  And, my job, well . . .  did I mention the people are nice.

But, when things get frustrating and I miss home, what keeps me sane is these little nuggets of normalcy and for me that’s watching my favorite show every week, no matter how late I have to wake up.

I have several stories on this blog about my adventures in China.  I really would not have made it this long with out being able to share them with you. So, check them out under the China Category.  Some of the stories are good, some of them are bad.  All are amazing in the following sense:

1. This stuff would never happen in America and 2.  I am pretty creative, but no way could I have made this stuff up.

Enjoy them and if you care about my sanity even a little bit for the love of God, please don’t tell me who won Season 8 of So You Think You Can Dance!

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