Tattoo Tuesday – @Megan Erickson_


Super excited to bring you today’s Tattoo Tuesday. Not only is the author a New Adult author, like me and she has a book coming out in June, like me, but I actually got to meet her last week at RT in New Orleans.

Welcome Megan, your five questions start now:

1.   How old were you when you got your first tattoo? 
My son had recently turned one in the beginning of 2012 and that writing bug was buzzing around me hard. But I couldn’t seem to put pen to paper — or fingers to keyboard — and actually DO it. So at 27, I went to get a tattoo to kick my butt into gear.
2.     How many tattoos do you have? If only one, do you want more? 
I have three tattoos. I’m sure I’ll get more.
3.     What inspired you to get your first tattoo or favorite tattoo?  Tell me your tattoo story.
My first tattoo is on my ribs (ouch!) and it is a feather quill and ink bottle, with the words, “Carpe diem.” I got that tattoo so that every day, when I looked in the mirror, I was reminded to seize the day, make it count, and WRITE. Two months after I got that tattoo, I wrote my very first book.
My other writing related tattoo is an ellipsis on the inside of my left arm. I got it after I signed my first publishing contract.
4.     Tattoos on a significant other, like or dislike? Explain why?   
I love tattoos on guys! My husband doesn’t have any, though, and I’m okay with that. 🙂
5.     Do the characters in your books have tattoos? If so, pick a character and tell me his or her tattoo story? Why was this story incorporated in the book? 
In MAKE IT COUNT (out June 3 with William Morrow/HarperCollins), my hero, Alec has a tattoo. I’m not saying where (haha), but it does have a significance. He got it after a breakup and the tattoo symbolizes what he wants to do with his life. It also ends up symbolizing a lot about his relationship with the heroine, Kat.
Thanks so much Megan and good luck with your new release. To find out more about Megan Erickson, connect with her:
And, her new release, MAKE IT COUNT (Bowler University Series, Book #1) is available for pre-order.
If you have a tattoo story to share, leave me a note in the comments. 

Tattoo Tuesday – Writer Inspired Tattoos

When something significant happens in my life, I like to commemorate with a tattoo.  And, my first thought is to get a tattoo that signifies the occasion in art form.  So, when I finished the first draft of my first novel, I searched for the perfect image and I couldn’t find the exact image.  I decided to get an addition to an older tattoo.

But, I really liked the other writer inspired tattoos.  Let me know which one you like.

How do you record your work? Quill and Ink or typewriter.

I love the idea of the punctuation tattoo.  I would probably do a exclamation point to remind me to stop using them.  I like exclamation points!

This is a good one if you have an issue remembering how to spell or pronounce your favorite word.

There is always the  quote that changed your life and made you want to write. Or, tattoo your own brilliant prose.  I would wait until published before you do you own words incase they get cut in edits.

This is the one is my favorite. It is simple and to the point.

I think I will ultimately create an image that incorporates all of these great ideas. What writer inspired tattoo do you like the best?