My Weekly Update – Mothers, Milestones & More

Happy Mother’s Day!

I wanted to wish my mother.  So many women out their take on motherly roles in their every day life.  I wish you all a great day as well.  I hope that you have someone around to say thank you.  And, if you don’t, well, thank you from me.

I haven’t been with my mother for mother’s day for 6 years, now.  And, I hate it.  Mother’s day is a big deal in my family and my mother is a mother to so many people.  She is always taken care of, but I still feel bad that I can’t be there.  “She is my mommy.”

My mother is the most brilliant women I know.  She had very little formal education after high school, but she is an expert on what ever she need to be.  She taught herself bookkeeping, accounting, taxes, property appraisal, and contracting.  She knows everything about the NFL (the business side), the music industry, and the publishing industry.  She gets along with everyone and everyone loves her.  At 67 years old, she is the most capable person I know.

And she does it all with a smile.  The most important lesson I learned from my mother is to just enjoy your life.  Simple.


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Do you have any great stories about your mom that you would like to share? What was the best part of your week?