Spooktobertfest – Where Have You Been?

Jackie and Dani have prompted me to write a 300 word Flash Fiction piece using the following words:  cobweb(s), cauldron(s),  jack-o-lantern(s), ghost(s), razor(s).  The story can be scary, comical, romantic, whatever I choose. Just be creative!  They will pick a winner on October 31, 2012.

Where Have You Been?

I grabbed the knob and pushed the door open.  Now, that is odd, the door was unlocked.  A cold breeze smacks me in the face as I push open the door.
“No way should it be this cold with the fire going.” I said out loud to no one, but just as I suspected, the fire wasn’t lit.
The room was dark except for a small candle whose light was struggling to shine beyond the jagged smile carved into a jack-o-lantern.
I walked into the corner and looked into the cauldron.  As, I reached out my hand, I could faintly sense the warmth, but it was clear, the fire had been out for a while. 
A brave spider had already begun to form a cobweb from the top of the pot to points unknown.    
A glint of light, bounced off an object lying on the floor.  I reached down to pick it up.  “Ouch.” Now who would leave a razor on the floor? The razor goes into the pot. 
I tasted the creamy sweet blood oozing out of my finger.  “Good year.” I laugh at my own joke.  But, then stop.  My own laugh echoing off the walls even made my skin crawl.   Something is clearly wrong. 
A draft from an unknown direction swiftly moved through the room and extinguished the small candle.
And, then it made perfect sense.
“Harry, where have you been?”
Never hire a ghost to be your night watchman.  They are notoriously unreliable, especially at night.    

Ok, so there you have it. My little story in 300 words or less.  I don’t know why, but it makes me laugh every time I read it.  I hope you enjoy it, too. And, click on the badge to visit and enjoy other Spooktober Fest stories.  


My Weekly Update – Blog Hop’s a Plenty

I am participating in some fun blog hops over the next two weeks.  Join me!

October 15, 2012 – The Nineties Blogfest!

Dave invites us to post about our favorites things from the nineties.  Choose a favorite song, show, episode, movies, dance, etc for each year. I’ve been working on this post already and have some surprises.

October 17, 2012 – Did I Notice Your Book Blogfest

The Ninja and Knight have joined forced to host this great blogfest to support/promote other writers. I will be posting about a book I noticed recently.  I don’t do book reviews, so I am going to tell you about what happen to me when I read this book.  Can’t wait to share it with you.

October 26 – 29, 2012 – Spooktoberfest


Jackie and Dani have prompted me to write a 300 word Flash Fiction piece using the following words:  cobweb(s), cauldron(s),  jack-o-lantern(s), ghost(s), razor(s).  The story can be scary, comical, romantic, whatever I choose. Just be creative!  They will pick a winner on October 31, 2012.

October 29, 2012 – Monstrous Monday Bloghop

What kind of Monster?  Tim invites us to write about a monster we like/love/hate.  Well, I am going to tell you about a monster I hate.  And, this is going to be tricky because I am going to attempt to post a clip of this monster without me actually having to look at it myself because he/it creeps me out.

*Click on the badges for more information and to sign up. 

Post to Ponder
If It Makes You Happy – This post was so imaginative and I am happy I am not the only one who talks to her characters.
Scott Morrow’s Boost Blog Traffic Blog posted a great post by Chris Lappin 12 Blogging Mistakes That Make You Look Like a World Class Idiot. 
Kevin Hanrahan wrote How do our Troops Live Deployed? It got me into doing research on my new WIP.  A few of my characters are Marines.
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The Better Man Project – I linked his about page because it is pretty cool.  You need to check it out. 
Elicia M. Seawell
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My Weekly Update – Writing, Written & Writers


It is 5 days until the beginning of JuNoWriMo.  For those of you living under a rock, JuNoWriMo is a month long writing challenge.  I will be writing 50,000 words in 30 days.  That is about 1,667 word per day.

If you are interested in seeing how I progress through this month long madness, I will document my progress after completing the daily writing goals.  I foresee a lot of 11:55 pm updates in my near future.  Check it out under the Sydney Aaliyah Writes Page on my site.  My To Do List is up now.  I have a busy few days coming up.

I also plan to keep my blog up to date, but JuNoWriMo is my first priority this month.  Bear with me.


I wrote a short scary story for Writer Wednesday Blog Hop and received an  overwhelming amount of requests (6 people) for me to continue the story.  I am not one to disappoint my fans, so check in on Wednesday and see what happen when Sarah (I decided to give her a name) pushes #2.

I would like to thank the following for their comments:

“Wonderful imagery.”   – Cerece
“I want to know what happens next!”  – Selena
“Great story, your main character was really relatable.”  – Carrie Sorenson

You are all awesome.  Thanks so much for the feedback.

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