I am in a Quandary

I just love that word, but I don’t love this situation.  Let me tell you about my quandary.

You see, in My Weekly Update, I promised you a blog post today.  The issue is that I don’t have a post ready.

Now, this isn’t the usual, ‘I don’t have anything to say’ post.  I have a lot to say. In fact, I have 6 pre-written post for exactly these type of situations.  But, unfortunately, I don’t have access to them at all day.  They are on another computer in another city.

I could probably remember a few words of some, but they are already perfect and I would hate to waste a post by giving it to you half assed.

I could talk about what is coming up next week, but then that would spoil My Weekly Update for this Sunday.

I could go into a dissertation about something in my writing that I need help with, but that is what Insecure Writer’s Support Group is for, which is coming up next Wednesday.

I could create a list or pose a question for all of us to debate, but I am not in the mood.

I could post some random photos from my trip to Tokyo two years ago, but that is actually a great idea for another post for another day.  How cute is this lady on her wedding day?


I could not post anything and then apologize for it later, but that would bother me for years to come.  Plus, I really don’t like those post that apologize for not posting.  Truth is, I would rather you come back with a great post about something I can get behind instead of the ‘sorry, I haven’t posted in a while’ post.

I knew this was going to happen some time in my blogging career.  I just didn’t expect it to happen so soon.  Neither did you, I bet.  Your probably saying to yourself right now, “She was so young,” while shaking your head with bemused pity.

But, no worries.  It did it once.  But, I will never do it again.  This month anyway.

Ok, talk amongst yourself.