I am in a Quandary

I just love that word, but I don’t love this situation.  Let me tell you about my quandary.

You see, in My Weekly Update, I promised you a blog post today.  The issue is that I don’t have a post ready.

Now, this isn’t the usual, ‘I don’t have anything to say’ post.  I have a lot to say. In fact, I have 6 pre-written post for exactly these type of situations.  But, unfortunately, I don’t have access to them at all day.  They are on another computer in another city.

I could probably remember a few words of some, but they are already perfect and I would hate to waste a post by giving it to you half assed.

I could talk about what is coming up next week, but then that would spoil My Weekly Update for this Sunday.

I could go into a dissertation about something in my writing that I need help with, but that is what Insecure Writer’s Support Group is for, which is coming up next Wednesday.

I could create a list or pose a question for all of us to debate, but I am not in the mood.

I could post some random photos from my trip to Tokyo two years ago, but that is actually a great idea for another post for another day.  How cute is this lady on her wedding day?


I could not post anything and then apologize for it later, but that would bother me for years to come.  Plus, I really don’t like those post that apologize for not posting.  Truth is, I would rather you come back with a great post about something I can get behind instead of the ‘sorry, I haven’t posted in a while’ post.

I knew this was going to happen some time in my blogging career.  I just didn’t expect it to happen so soon.  Neither did you, I bet.  Your probably saying to yourself right now, “She was so young,” while shaking your head with bemused pity.

But, no worries.  It did it once.  But, I will never do it again.  This month anyway.

Ok, talk amongst yourself.  


6 thoughts on “I am in a Quandary

    1. Thanks Karen. Maybe next weeks schedule I will add a disclaimer like – subject to change at bloggers discretion or don’t hold me to this, I am doing the best I can. HAHA.

  1. You must have something about you that is interesting as that is the first ‘Sorry I haven’t written a post’ posting that I have ever reached the end of. Relax and don’t worry, your readers are happy to wait 😀
    One suggestion for you is to use something like Dropbox which will allow you to access your files on anything that connects to the internet. You can get a free account and you save files into your dropbox which can then be accessed by cell phone, PC, Mac etc. wherever you get internet access.
    Look forward to your next post 😉

    1. Thank you, I know what you mean I usually delete those pretty quick, so I appreciate you sticking with me. I know about this drop box thing. We actually use it to share swing video’s with students since the files are so big, but I had not thought about using for writing. Thanks for the advice.

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