M – Miranda Preston


I’m happy to introduce you to my main character, Miranda Preston

Age:  18

Birth Place:  Denver, Colorado

Current Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Occupation: Freshman in college at UT Austin

Major: Piano Performance Major

Favorite Piece to play:  Rachmaninoff’s Preludes, especially No. 5 in G major.

Physical Description: 5’7, 125 pounds, dark brown hair, light brown eyes, really long fingers, great legs. She recently lost a about 60 pounds.

Personality: Very quite, an introvert, but wanted to give off a new persona as she moves to a new town for college. Not comfortable talking about herself. Classical pianist. Very smart and reads a lot. In the past, she spent a lot of time alone.

Habits/Mannerisms: She rarely looks people in the eye unless she is angry and provoked. Not comfortable with people touching her. She is very comfortable being alone. Not very happy with herself even though she spent the last year working on herself and preparing herself to be normal. This idea of normal is important to her.

Background: When Miranda was 8-10 years old, something bad happened to her. Her parents moved her to another city and from that time forward, she has not been normal. She was strangely promiscuous during high school and was the SECRET (that’s not THE secret) f–k buddy for some of the popular boys at school.

Internal Conflicts: Can she every be normal while her past still haunts her?

External Conflicts: Can she build a life with her childhood best friend and still keep her secret in the past where it belongs?


What do you think of Miranda Preston? What’s more important when you create a character, physical attributes or internal motivation? 

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D – Darci Albritton

DDarci Albritton is my main character’s roommate. She is a true southern and makes it her duty to help my main character find love and navigate dating in the south. At the same time, she proceeds to hook up with every guy who smiles at her.  She is described as intrusive, but in a charming and glitter manner. She is close to her parents and 11 siblings, and everyone loves her, but don’t let her charm fool you. She has one goal, to find a husband before graduation.


Darci’s stats:

  • 18 years old
  • Long, wavy blond hair
  • Blue eyes
  • From Magnolia, Arkansas
  • Looking for a man with money
  • Her perfect guy: 6’4″ (Darci is only 5’4”), dark hair, dark eyes and big hands.

**Interesting Character Name note:  I had two roommates my second year at Florida State, Darci Bryan and Mindy Albritton. They were from a small county (notice I said county and not town) in central Florida.  When I was thinking of names for the roommate, Darci Albritton seemed perfect. Although neither are blonde and both are smart, accomplished women.

I love Darci. Do you fall in love with your secondary characters? How do you come up with character names?

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