D – Darci Albritton

DDarci Albritton is my main character’s roommate. She is a true southern and makes it her duty to help my main character find love and navigate dating in the south. At the same time, she proceeds to hook up with every guy who smiles at her.  She is described as intrusive, but in a charming and glitter manner. She is close to her parents and 11 siblings, and everyone loves her, but don’t let her charm fool you. She has one goal, to find a husband before graduation.


Darci’s stats:

  • 18 years old
  • Long, wavy blond hair
  • Blue eyes
  • From Magnolia, Arkansas
  • Looking for a man with money
  • Her perfect guy: 6’4″ (Darci is only 5’4”), dark hair, dark eyes and big hands.

**Interesting Character Name note:  I had two roommates my second year at Florida State, Darci Bryan and Mindy Albritton. They were from a small county (notice I said county and not town) in central Florida.  When I was thinking of names for the roommate, Darci Albritton seemed perfect. Although neither are blonde and both are smart, accomplished women.

I love Darci. Do you fall in love with your secondary characters? How do you come up with character names?

Please add Another New Life to your Goodreads list.


32 thoughts on “D – Darci Albritton

  1. No I don’t, which is an eye opener. Generally the secondary characters in my stories are there to serve a function, i.e. they are allies, threshold guardians, or the teacher etc, perhaps that is what i’m missing and why they’re often quite wooden. Thanks…. 🙂 Name wise generally it’s either a completely invented or I look up name generators online. Often I’ll browse different nationalities. Good luck with the A-Z challenge, I look forward to reading the rest. x

    1. Hi Jessica, I need a connection to my secondary characters although your right, the main goal is to further or enhance something for the main character. I think I’m running out of friend names, and will need another source. haha.

  2. I love my characters or I hate them and I research until my eyes ache to find just the right name.

  3. I love my secondary characters because they can be more outlandish and quirky than a main character. As far as names go, I do the baby names from the appropriate decades thing like Jessica Triana suggested and try them out until I hit on one that feels right.
    Thanks for telling us about Darcy. She seems like an interesting gal.

  4. I love how part of your character description is her description of her perfect guy. lol

    I do fall in love with my secondary characters…sometimes I love them more than my main character. 🙂 As for names, I have a tendency of stealing names from people I know or other characters I love.

  5. I love just about all of my characters, secondaries included. Sometimes a secondary character gradually assumes more importance or prominence that I ever planned going in.

    As a lifelong name nerd, I love finding character names. My naming taste tends towards classical eccentric and classical unusual, not so much towards common, popular, trendy names. Even my characters from other countries and languages frequently get names which are lesser-used or not as popular in their cultures.

  6. Secondary characters are IT, man–when they’re well drawn. They bring such life to the story. It’s in the protag’s relationships with these characters that we, the readers, discover who that protag really is, how s/he thinks and feels, what his/her shortcomings are. Yep, secondary characters are IT.

    Great post! (And thanks for the visit to Quiet Laughter earlier today 🙂

  7. I’ve been reading through all of your posts and it’s really cool that your theme revolves around your book (and that your book title started with an A). Well planned!
    I always fall in love with secondary characters that I didn’t even intend on keeping around–sometimes they even end up taking over and becoming a main character. In my last book, I only intended Cade to be around for 1 scene, but as soon as he got a name, he could not be controlled!

  8. My secondary characters are usually female, but I do tend to have a soft spot for them. I know it’s getting out of hand when I start getting jealous of the leading man.
    Names are relatively easy. I will sometimes use the first name or surname of somebody I’ve known, and then there is of course my Baby Names book. The beauty of that book is the number of nationalities in it.

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