Tattoo Tuesday – Lori L. Clark


I’m excited to feature a talented writer and one of the bloggers behind one of my favorite blogs, She Reads New Adult. Lori, welcome to Tattoo Tuesday. Your five questions start now:  

1.  How old were you when you got your first tattoo?  I was over 21…and as soon as I got one, I was ready for another.

2.  How many tattoos do you have? If only one, do you want more?  I have seven, and I’m always thinking about getting another.

3.  What inspired you to get your first tattoo or favorite tattoo?  Tell me your tattoo story.  My first tattoo. Hmm. It just seemed like the thing to do at the time. It was not well thought out at all. It was a heart with a lightning bolt through it, about the size of a quarter. It’s since been covered up with something larger. Since then, the tattoos have become more planned. My latest is a saying in Latin that translates to “Time Waits for No Man.” My favorite is a line from a Motley Crue song, “My heart’s like an open book for the whole world to read.” It’s done inside a scroll on my lower left leg.


4. Tattoos on a significant other, like or dislike? Explain why? I love tattoos on men. Not just one or two that they are ashamed of…but ones that they wear proudly. Intricately designed and well done.  

5. Do the character’s in your books have tattoos? If so, pick a character and tell me his or her tattoo story? Why was this story incorporated in the book?  In my upcoming book, The Heart Knows What the Heart Wants, the main character, Star, she has two tattoos. The planet Neptune on the back of her right hand and the words “The Heart Knows What the Heart Wants” tattooed over her heart. She dabbles in astrology and is a Pisces. Neptune rules Pisces, so she got the planet Neptune. The saying, is something she believes and something she learns from the young man in her life. (It may just be my next tattoo, as well.)

About Lori:  In 2009, after participating in NANOWRIMO, she began to take seriously the voices in her head. Two New Adult contemporary romance novels, Different Roads, and I Breathe You, were published in 2013, and showed early success. The Heart Knows What the Heart Wants is set to release in March 2014, and has her venturing into the realms of Romantic Suspense.

Lori is a member of Savvy Authors, the St. Louis Writers Guild, and Romance Writers of America.

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If you have a book coming out or just want to tell your tattoo story and want to be featured on Tattoo Tuesday, let me know by leaving me a message in the comments.