M – Movies Set in Dallas


I wanted to dedicate this post to my my A to Z Leader Nicole at The MadLab Post and one of my favorite bloggers and an A to Z host Alex Cavanaugh at Alex Cavanaugh.com.  The two of them are great examples of how to blog about movies.

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I don’t remember when I feel in love with movies. I have been a movie fan all my life. Movies have always been and will always be my favorite escape, figuratively and literally.  Hint to family and friends, if you can’t find me, if I don’t answer my phone, if I am MIA for a while, most likely, I’ve snuck off to the movies.

While I don’t see movies multiple times in the theater like I did when I was younger (Titanic, Speed and The Matrix – 6 times each in the theater), I can still watch my favorite movies over and over again.


Top 10 Films set in Dallas:

  1. JFK
  2. Born on the Fourth of July
  3. Armageddon
  4. No Country for Old Men
  5. Any Given Sunday
  6. Office Space
  7. Tree of Life
  8. Friday Night Lights
  9. Batman & Robin
  10. Love Field

If you know of any other blogs using movie themes, let me know in the comments. Any movies filmed or set in your hometown? 

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

J – John Fitzgerald Kennedy

a-to-z-letters-jI couldn’t complete my tour of Dallas without mentioning the JFK Assassination. 50 years ago on a day much like the day I took the photos, JFK was assassinated while riding through downtown Dallas in a motorcade. Despite all the conspiracies surrounding this episode in US history and while I was not alive when it happened, I image the feeling on that morning was similar to other tragic mornings such as the Challenger explosion, 9/11, and Hurricane Katrina. All these episodes tested the human spirit, but it says more about us as when you look at how we respond to such tragedies.

“Captain, I’ve been researching them for several weeks now and I am a bit confused.” He needed more direction. These findings couldn’t be right. He suspected the assignment was meant to broaden his mind and make him understand something, but even after all his research he was still confused. What lessons was he supposed to learn from the seemingly primitive society?
“Lieutenant, what seems to be your issue?” Captain wasn’t surprised by my confusion.
“Time and time again, in their history, every positive and productive episode would be cut short by a moment of tragedy. Is this meant to test their spirit?”
“Well, how do they respond?”
“They endure.” But, endure didn’t quite explain it, “Not just endure, they are are continually hopeful. How could that be?
“Son,” Captain said. “What’s the alternative?”
Then it hit him. While it may be easier to give up and give in, it takes a stronger spirit to endure.  That truly was the human spirit.
Captain smiled seeing the recognition on the young man’s face, “We can learn much from them, don’t you think?”
Lieutenant smiled and nodded. “Yes Sir, we can.”


Grassy Knoll
Grassy Knoll
JFK Memorial
JFK Memorial
Motorcade route
Motorcade route
JFK Memorial
JFK Memorial
Elm Street & Grassy Knoll
Elm Street & Grassy Knoll
School Book Depository - 6th floor museum
School Book Depository – 6th floor museum




























What times in history best define the human spirit in your eyes?