Tattoo Tuesday – Angie Richmond

SydTatTWOIt’s been a while, but I have a new inked up Author to share with you.  Give a great Tattoo Tuesday welcome to Angie Richmond.


1.     How old were you when you got your first tattoo? I was 19 when I got my first tattoo. It was a spurt of the moment decision and I chose the design off the wall of the tattoo studio. It’s a sun swirl design in blue and purple and located over my heart. I call it my ghetto tattoo LOL. It really looks terrible!
2.     What made you want to get your first tattoo? Growing up I was a HUGE fan of Red Hot Chili Peppers. I remember when I bought the Blood Sugar Sex Magik cassette tape and the booklet inside showed all their tattoos. From that moment I knew I wanted tattoos. I think I was 12 years old. 
3.     How many tattoos do you have? If only one, do you want more? I have 5 tattoos…and counting 😉
4.     What is your tattoo story?  Tell me the most recent or your favorite.

Tattoo 2-1Tattoo 1

All my tattoos have some sort of significance for me. Even if it’s just as simple as who I was at the time. I have a tattoo of a butterfly on my right shoulder with my grandmother’s initials underneath – she loved butterflies. But my most recent tattoo (which was done June 26th) represents a new beginning for me. It’s a quill with the words This is my journey. It’s located on the inside of my right forearm. It’s a reminder for me to stop and enjoy the moment. That everything I do is part of my journey in life. I wanted the quill because it incorporates the writer in me.
5.     Tattoos on a significant other, like or dislike?  Why? My husband doesn’t have tattoos…yet. He’s been planning out a piece that will represent a new beginning for him too. But in general I think tattoos are HOT! They tell the story of who a person really is. Plus they are living art!
This picture was taken right after is was done. It’s the best one I have since now it’s all flaky and healing. Thanks again for featuring me. Below are some links you can include.
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