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“Better to have a little experience and a lot of imagination than vice versa.”The Daily Writer

The Hobbit

hobbitpostersI try not to see the movie until I have read the book. So, I spent the week reading the book and then I saw the movie. I wish someone had told me I didn’t need to read the whole thing, the movie covers only 1/3 of the book.  It was a good read. The movie, on the other hand, didn’t really start until Gollum made an appearance. It was all visually beautiful, but it didn’t move until two hours in.

I was pleased to discover that my favorite part of the book was also my favorite scene in the movie; The riddle contest between Bilbo Baggins and Gollum in the Troll Kingdom.  Both book and movie version were laugh out loud funny.  Come back later this week and read my SQM post on The Hobbit.

I also saw Skyfalls.  I went to the movies with my parents and then at dinner learned their first date was a James Bond movie.  How romantic.  My mom informed me that my dad had taken 2 other girls to see the movie, as well.  But, she married him anyway.

What movies have you seen lately?  Did you see The Hobbit?  What did you think? 

Post to Review

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mlswift.blogspot.comJanuary 16th is the first meeting of the Progressive Book Club.  An online book club hosted by M.L. Swift.  Click on the badge for more information.



sylmion.blogspot.comMy First Book: Announces The Word Master Challenge.  Every month, Misha will present a theme.  This month’s Theme:


In less than 300 words, I want to see your idea of the WORST beginning you can possibly write. The funnier and more creative you are, the better. To make it easier for me, you have the WHOLE of January to enter, but you must please enter the SPECIFIC entry link into the linky list below. For information, click on the badge.

Both events will occur every month and you can join anytime.

My Weekly Update – Camp, Compliments and Candy

Camp NaNoWriMo

Four days in and I have to say that it is a lot more challenging then the last writing challenge I did.  Being on goal is about the only good thing I can say about the experience so far.  But . . .

It is still early and I still love the story.  I was happy to get some great advice about POV last week from my blog friends.  My concerns about writing from the male point of view were reduced by an admission from AM Schultz.

amschultzcom says: We have had lots of fine interactions on the Twitter and on the blogs, so I am going to share a little secret with you, but you can’t tell anybody else:“But, my biggest concern is that I have never writing a story from a man’s POV. What if my big strong, sensitive guy starts sounding like a girl?”When nobody is around, and our machismo is not on public display, ALL men sound like girls. :-)

For the rest of you doing Camp NaNoWriMo, how was your first few days? 


I received one of the best compliments the other day and all because I RT’ed a post.

I am not brining this up to brag (although it is official, I am awesome), but to bring attention to what doing so little can mean to other writers and bloggers.

I will continue to support the blogging community to make myself worthy of writing along side great bloggers such as Paul at All Groan Up.


I was in the Green Grocery yesterday and they had restocked.  Let me back up a little and explain.  I live at a resort 45 minutes away from a decent grocery story.  But, there is a little convenience store on the resort campus, which stocks it shelves once every 6 months.

I was pleasantly surprised that yesterday was a restock day.  That means, writing snacks for the week; Sour Skittles, Soda Water & Cheese Crackers.

What is your favorite writing snack?  

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 Special Shout Out to my big brother.  It was his birthday yesterday.  He put his life online years before I had the nerve to.  Thanks so much for the inspiration.