L – Elizabeth Lee

Allow me to introduce you to Elizabeth Lee. L


1.     What is it about the sport in your romance that inspired you to write about it?  I think there’s something very sexy about a man (or a woman) that uses their bodies and minds to achieve success. Add in the unique settings that sports arenas provide and I think it’s a no-brainer. For the Wild Riders series, in particular, the adrenaline that accompanies the job and the high stakes drew me in.

2.     Is your sports hero based on a real sports figure? If so, who and why?  There are always some elements of real life in my writing. My husband used to race motocross and we are avid fans of today’s riders. I follow a lot of them on social media, along with their spouses, which gave me a small glimpse into their lives off the track. There are a lot of people who contributed to my heroes and heroines.

3.     What kind of research did you do for the sport in your romance? Google is a girl’s best friend! I spent a lot of time watching videos and reading articles about the sport and riders. Nothing beats heading out to the track to watch a race, though!

4.     Best advice for other authors who want to write sports romance? I think you have to really love a sport to write about it, especially when it’s for a series. If you’re going to write about something for an extended amount of time, you should be a fan.

5.     What sports romance are you working on next? I have a lot of irons in the fire at the moment. My next planned release isn’t a sports romance, but there is an element of adventure that I think will satisfy all of the Wild Riders fans.


Keep up with Elizabeth Lee on her website.

Have a motocross questions, leave it in the comments. I’ll pick a comment at random to win a copy of the Wild Riders Novel set. 


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