J – J. Sterling

J. Sterling writes about baseball and characters with emotion and heart.I love this book. J

1.     What is it about the sport in your romance that inspired you to write about it?
Baseball has been in my life for as long as I can remember. I was born and raised on Dodger baseball and I played softball for 12 years. But mostly,  this story is based on some very real things that happened to me, so I kept it real with the sport as well.

2.     Is your sports hero based on a real sports figure? If so, who and why?
There is a very real Jack F’n Carter. I don’t know what to say about him that I haven’t already said before… he’s just…  he’s a loveable screw-up.

3.     What kind of research did you do for the sport in your romance?
I did minimal research since I knew that majority of what I wanted to write about already.  I did reach out to a couple of baseball wives to make sure a couple things that I was writing were accurate (for The Perfect Game, but for The Game Changer especially) and they did not disappoint.

4.     Best advice for other authors who want to write sports romance?
Know what you’re talking about. This goes for anything that you’re referencing- do your research and make it accurate.

5.     What sports romance are you working on next?
I’m not writing a sports romance at the moment-  but Jack & Cassie did have a couple of kids, so…….


J. is giving away an ecopy of The Perfect Game to start your Jack and Cassie journey. In the comments, name your favorite sports romance. 

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