Hipmunk Hotels: Strange sites in San Luis Obispo, Carlsbad, Marina Del Ray, Monterey and Costa Mesa

I stumbled upon some interesting, strange, and weird sites in my bucket list research, all in California. I haven’t ventured into California a lot, but with finding these crazy things, I have to move this state back to the top.

San Luis Obispo, California

San Luis Obispo, California is a small town, halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Spanish Missionaries founded the city in 1772, making it one of America’s oldest communities. I want to check out the eccentric Madonna Inn, a stop on Season 14’s The Bachelor. Bubble Gum Alley is another strange spot. Since 1960, people have stuck their used chewing gum to the walls of the alley. Locals have made several attempts to clean it up, but people continue to visit and contribute to the collection.


Image provided by Sean66 via Trover.com

Carlsbad, California

Situated between Los Angeles and San Diego, Carlsbad, California is a quaint, but active seaside town. It’s home to the world famous La Costa Golf Resort and is the headquarters for several golf club manufactures such as Calloway and TaylorMade. If golf isn’t your thing, maybe Lego is. For the Star Wars geek in me, I have to check out the Star Wars Miniland at Legoland California with replicas of ships, figures, and people from the famous science fiction franchise.


Image provided by Jesse I. via Trover.com

Marina Del Ray, California

Marina Del Ray, California is a unique attraction in itself. The unincorporated community houses the largest man-made marina in the world. It took from 1887 to 1965 to complete the construction of Marina Del Rey. A vision of real estate developer M.C. Wicks, he wanted the Marina to be a viable commercial harbor. With millions of visitors per year, many hotels, from budget to resorts, sprung up to support the thriving business.

Monterey, California

In Monterey, California, you’re just as likely to see a sea lion, harbor seal, and bat ray, as you’re to see people. I’m hoping to see one of the city’s famous residents, such as Clint Eastwood or Herman Edwards, a former NLF coach and player. It was also the home of John Steinbeck, who based his famous novel Cannery Row on the Cannery Row area in Monterey. I can’t wait to walk in his footsteps and absorb the city he loved. The many seaside hotels make it easy to enjoy the sites of Monterey.

Costa Mesa, California

Every year in the spring, Costa Mesa hosts the Orange County Fair, which started in 1890. Many hotels have cropped up in Costa Mesa to accommodate the millions of visitors each year. The fair has evolved over the years from a three-day festival with races and livestock exhibitions to a twenty-three day festival with big name performances, competitions, exhibits and rides. The bizarre culinary offerings are one of the most unique features of the fair. No where else could you get a Krispy Kreme Doughnut Sloppy Joe. I can’t wait to sample the offerings from the many food trucks that make Costa Mesa their home for the twenty-three day festival.

Costa Mesa

Image provided by Terry Fletcher via Trover.com

One thought on “Hipmunk Hotels: Strange sites in San Luis Obispo, Carlsbad, Marina Del Ray, Monterey and Costa Mesa

  1. These places are more in my neighborhood. I’ve wanted to stay at the Madonna Inn, but never am inclined to go in that direction. The chewing gum wall sounds pretty disgusting though.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

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