Hope for Her – Top 10 Favorite Lines – #7

Through out the month of September I’d like to introduce you to the characters and my Top 10 favorite lines in Hope for Her.


Line #7: 

I did not come to college to meet a man but hooking up seemed to be part of the curriculum.

Don’t get me wrong; I enjoyed hooking up as much as the next girl, but I preferred it within the confines of a relationship.

Carrington’s comfort level it pushed to the limits in this story. I try to keep the language respectable. My mother reads these, after all.


HopeForHerTeaserWhat is your heat level limit? 

pbsThe pre-order price for Hope for Her is .99 cents. Pick up your copy now, the rate will go up to $2.99 after October 1st.




2 thoughts on “Hope for Her – Top 10 Favorite Lines – #7

  1. Hehehe, I know what you mean about your Mother reading your posts. Mine too! 🙂 Sometimes when I write things, I think… Oh God… LOL
    Especially with erotica, which I read A LOT of!

  2. Nothing wrong with keeping language respectable in my view of things. Writers should strive to keep it that way.

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    Wrote By Rote

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