Tattoo Tuesday – @SeasonVining


Season Vining is a talented new author and in celebration of her debut novel, I asked her to be a part of Tattoo Tuesday. Besides, she has a quote from one of my favorite books on the back of her neck. So beautiful. 

Take is away Season. 

My first tattoo is something my best friend and I got together. It’s a ladybug on my shoulder. Everyone kept telling me, “It’s going to hurt like hell.” So, I prepared myself for the worst. When I was finished, I wondered what all the fuss was about. Sure, it was uncomfortable, but the pain wasn’t bad at all. It left me with a burning desire for more ink.


My second tattoo was something I got on my honeymoon. It represents my Louisiana heritage and New Orleans, the place we got married. There is an infinity symbol placed in there to show our love for each other. We walked into a tattoo shop in Reno and asked for a fleur de lis tattoo. They said, “A Florida what?” After a google search and a quick sketch, we were ready to go. This tattoo is on my wrist. It was more than any other tattoo I’ve gotten, but it only took a half hour. What’s 30 minutes of pain for a lifetime of pretty?



Third was the tattoo I’d been wanting for years. Two old school swallows on each side of my chest. I love these birds so hard. I am a fan of the more traditional tattoo flash and these are my tribute to that. They took three hours to complete and are still my favorite.



The last tattoo I got was in Las Vegas on a GIRLS ONLY vacation. It is my only literary tattoo, though I have more planned. My favorite book as a teenager was The Outsiders. It changed my life and touched me in a way that has never faded. On the back of my neck, in swirling script, the words Stay Gold remind me to be my best self, all the time.


Tristan Fallbrook, in my debut novel Beautiful Addictions, is covered in ink. He’s got full sleeves and work on his chest and back. My inspiration for this wasn’t simply the fact that I find tattooed boys sexy–but, let’s be honest, I do. I wanted to represent Tristan’s enormous departure from his sheltered, privileged childhood. I wanted him to be the guy who literally carves into his skin all of the emotions, hardships, and triumphs of his life. They are only a part of his character, but they say so much.

Thanks so much Season.  I love your ink and I can’t wait to talk more ink in the future. 
If you want to learn more about Season, check out her stuff: 
If you have a tattoo story to share, leave me a note in the comments. 

2 thoughts on “Tattoo Tuesday – @SeasonVining

  1. I remember being with you getting the Stay Gold tat! Will always be one of my favorite days 🙂

  2. Season is an interesting name. How cool! Oh, and I love The Outsiders too! Didn’t read the book but finally saw the movie within the last few years and am glad to have watched it. That movie made me look up the Stevie Wonder song for “Stay Gold” and the story has such important messages and lessons to be learned in it.

    The Tristan character in her book having a tattoo with meaning behind it says a lot about how the characters were developed for this novel….seems like even the little details have a purpose, which is great! Based on how his tattoo story is described, he doesn’t sound like a rebellious character but rather, one who is carving out his own identity; something that anyone who ever felt like people were trying to categorize them or place them in a social box, can appreciate.

    Those bird tattoos look really nice. I like the detail and colors….really gives them some good vibrance 🙂

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