WIP: The Movie Bloghop

1608680_10202291185553447_2068061134_nIt’s time for the WIP: The Movie Bloghop. I love this bloghop. It satisfies my inner movie mogul persona.

Thanks so much to Kyra Lennon and Rachel Schieffelbein for bringing it back.

My soon to be released debut Novel Another New Life is about a eighteen year old piano prodigy who goes away to school in order to escape the reminders of her tragic childhood, but she soon realizes escaping her inner demons may prove more difficult.

I tried to create a young cast, but one with the talent to pull off the serious subject matter. This is not your typical teen drama.

For the lead character, Miranda Preston.


I figured an Oscar winning actress could pull it off. Jennifer Lawrence is my Miranda.

For the love interest and football star, Troy Anderson.



Chace Crawford as the right attitude and the right hair to play my leading man.

The witty southern belle looking for love and Miranda’s roommate, Darcy Albritton.




Ashley Benson is so cute, charming and can break hearts all over Austin.

I picked a theme song for my novel during the outlining process and it inspired me and allowed me to create the feel of the story through out the writing process.

Pink featuring Nate Reuss – Just Give me a Reason. Plus, Pink has her real life husband Carey Hart in the video and they are my celebrity couple role models.

Who would you pick as your perfect cast for your WIP? 

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