My Monthly Update – Congrats to Dale Jr.

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So excited to congrat Dale Jr. on his second Daytona 500 win. It was such an amazing ending and I am so happy he got out of the way.

This NFL off season may not be as bad as I originally thought.

His win inspired a cool little story I wrote for workshop last week. Give me a few days to fix it up and I will share it with you.

I finished my edits on Another New Life and sent it to my editor. Six days later, it showed up in my inbox. I read her summary, which was really nice, but I’ve yet to open the document. I am working on other stuff and will get back to it on Monday.

It’s getting close. I keep thinking how cool it will be to say, “I’m a published author.” I promise I’ll only say it to myself at home in the bathroom mirror.

Goals for March: 

Finish final edits on Another New Life

Prepare my A to Z Challenge post – more on that later.

Writing Workshop – continue participating and creating content for my workshop.

A to Z Challenge – Once again, I am a Minion. 

Nicole Mighty Minion Bureau-small

Nicole of Madlab Post has chosen me as one of her minions to help her out with the challenge.

I am known as Asset #1. Click the badge to find out why.  If you haven’t signed up for the A to Z challenge, well, what are you waiting for.



Are you a NASCAR fan? Does having a book published feel as good as I think it will? Sign up for the A to Z Challenge already. April is almost here. 

8 thoughts on “My Monthly Update – Congrats to Dale Jr.

  1. Congratulations on being the first Minion. Really cool badge.
    I watch Nascar sometimes. (It’s almost a law here in the South.) And I’ve been to Daytona.
    A lot of writing ahead of you in March!

  2. You’re in good hands with Nicole. She’s been my go-to person for so many things and been a great blogging ally for years now. And the lady is great at writing and analysis of detail. Guess that’s what makes her good at her filmcraft.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  3. wait, why are you only going to say it into the bathroom mirror? Promote that sentence ABROAD! I think that’s really exciting. Not least of which amazing that your editor can get it done in six days? Impressive!

  4. I’ve watched a lot of NASCAR races and am happy for Dale Jr. and his second Daytona 500 win. Having only published two e-books, one of which failed miserably and the other only sold a few copies, I can only say that taking the plunge is the only way to find out how it will feel.

    Having good feelings about publishing is beneficial. I look forward to doing this year’ A-to-Z Challenge and am lucky to have you as a minion for two years straight. I’m also thankful for Arlee Bird’s recommendation of me as a blogger, writer and host.

  5. A Jr fan and a writer! Five stars and cup of your favorite coffee! Looking forward to your posts on the April edition of AtoZ!


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