Insecure Writer’s Support Group – Not Enough Time


I hate to miss a IWSG post, but lately, I feel like I don’t have enough time to do all the thing I need and want to do.

So, here is my short post for today, how do you handle life when there are just not enough hours in the day?A 36 hour day is looking really good to me at the moment.

Where do your writing duties (writing, editing, promoting, tweeting, face booking, Pining,) fall within your priorities list?I will get to writing as soon as I finish, kids, husband, laundry, commuting, working, etc. . . 

Does it change depending on the time of year?  Welcome Christmas time. Did you come early this year?

Make sure to check out the other member’s to see what they are insecure about this month.  There is a contest going on today at the IWSG website. It’s all about spreading the word and as soon as I find some time, I will enter. 

Thanks to the awesome co-hosts for the December 4 posting of the IWSG Julie Flanders, Heather Gardner, Kim Van Sickler and Elsie is Writing!

25 thoughts on “Insecure Writer’s Support Group – Not Enough Time

  1. I share your need for more time. I’m just not handling what I’d like to accomplish and like Alex I’ve been letting certain things go. I do need to focus more on my writing though. I’m falling way short of what I would like to accomplish.

    Hope you find the best solution for your own time struggles.

    Tossing It Out

  2. No matter how much time I have, it’s never enough. As Alex pointed out, some things just have to go. Thank goodness, I have a supportive husband who takes over when he is hungry or runs out of underwear.

  3. Blogging gets real quiet this month. Don’t even worry about it. Family always comes first. As for the hours in a day? I can’t help you there. I wish I could. I could use a few more myself. We just have to keep going and crossing things off our lists.
    Keep writing.

  4. Strangely enough, doing NaNo this year gave me a nice perspective on the whole time management issue–because in writing all those words I realized what I can accomplish if (in addition to all the Real Life stuff) I focus on only one writing task at at time. I get a lot more satisfaction out of deciding what I’ve set out to do, in a realistic time frame, and then actually getting it done.
    For example: Tonight is IWSG night! 🙂
    Hope this helps even a little, and I had to chuckle because Christmas definitely seems especially early this year …

    1. Haha. Great point, especially about Nano, but for me writing the first draft is my favorite part of writing. I have no problem sacrificing for it because not much compares to the joy I get from that. Now editing on the other hand. That’s a chore for me, easy for me to get distracted.

  5. I hear ya! I think that the perfect schedule doesn’t exist- we do the best we can within the given day and the rest is sort-of dumb luck. When things go smoothly, we have more time for the there priorities. When they don’t, we miss the hobbies but we do what really counts. It’s a balancing act, certainly, and one no one is terribly skilled at. But support from communities like this certainly helps!

  6. I hope you will share the secret when you figure out how to get the 36 hour day. As for priorities, it took me a year to get the first word down, and it was Nov 1, so NaNo made it a priority for the month.

  7. “Where are your writing…” struck a chord with me. And my answer would be similar to yours. Maybe one day those priorities will be shuffled more in a writerly direction for both of us!

  8. When you find the answer to that question, it’s guaranteed to make you an instant millionaire, then you can write FULL TIME. LOL
    But seriously, it’s overwhelming to even think about… one step at a time… 🙂

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