Heroes & Villains Blogfest SQM Version

HvsVblogfestI though about this one long and hard. I wanted to make sure I got this right. This was a hard decision, but I think I have narrowed it down to 4 each.  Sorry, it’s the best I can do.  Heroes & Villains are what make the story worth while.

Thank to all our host. Click on the badge to check out what other Heroes & Villains made the list.

Let’s start with the Villains:

Villain #4 – Loki from The Avengers
Villain #3 – Darth Maul from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace – scared the hell out of me as an adult
Villain #2 – Darth Vader from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi – scared the hell out of me as a kid
Villain #1 – The Joker – from The Dark Knight – brilliant performance by the late, great Heath Ledgerimages

“If you’re good at something, never do it for free.” 

Now, the Heroes:

Hero #4 – Yoda from Star Wars New Hope – there are no Jedi’s w/out Yoda

Hero #3 – Bumble Bee from Transformers 3 – the radio voice track and a heart full of gold.

Hero #2 – Maximus Decimus Meridius from Gladiator

Hero #1 – Tony Stark/Iron Man (the original) and The Avengers



“Let’s do the head count here.  Your brother, the demigod; the super soldier, living legend who kind of lives up to the legend; a man with breathtaking anger management issues; a couple of master assassins and you, big fellow, you’ve manage to piss off every single one of them.”

What are your favorite Heroes & Villains?  

24 thoughts on “Heroes & Villains Blogfest SQM Version

  1. LOVE! Heath was such an awesome actor an I’m so glad that we get to keep in film and watch him over and over for all time. Love Bumblebee! Transformers are the “bees knees”! What?! Bad pun? hehe Great picks!

  2. Wow, that would be so hard! I have to think about this, but I know Wesley from The Princess Bride would definitely be one of my heroes. I think I need to watch Avengers and Iron Man again. Purely for research purposes. Yeah, that’s it. Research. 😉

    1. Ok… I’ll start with Villains.
      1.) Max Cady from Cape Fear (He really creeped me out).
      2.) Peter McCabe from Desperate Measures (I didn’t know Michael Keaton had it in him to be that evil).
      3.) Hannibal Lechter, of course.

      1.) Thor (Yeah…totally hooked on him these days.)
      2.) Batman (As played by Christian Bale)
      3.) King Leonidas from 300. (Loved the passion with which he led his warriors)

      1. Great list Kitt. Thor was hovering around 5 or 6, I think he’ll catapult to #2 after the new movie comes out. Have you seen the trailer?

  3. You listed Loki and Tony Stark so I can only say, great choices :D. I am totally with you on the other ones too, but you had me with Loki and Tony. Love those two, especially when they’re in scenes together – the level of snark is just perfect.
    Tasha’s Thinkings

  4. okay, so, I’m wondering… are you in my brain? a long lost friend? Because I listed Iron Man and The Joker, too! (And Daryl from The Walking Dead 😀 )
    And your other choices — I love them and if I would’ve kept going, we would’ve matched those, too. 🙂

    Thanks for joining the blogfest!

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