My Weekly Update – I’m Bloglovin

A heads up to all the amazing blogs I follow. I have unsubscribed to you all . . . and have begun to follow you on Bloglovin.  You will notice the cool little Bloglovin button to your right where can easily follow me.  I needed to consolidate to read blog and I love this option, especially the app which allows me to keep track of blogs in one neat and organized space that sync’s with all my devices.  Modern technology is great.

Anyone else use Bloglovin?  How do you like it? 

Post to Ponder

DFW Writer’s Conference – Memorable Moments by Tameri Etherton – more cool memories from the conference.
Virgin Atlantic Has Restored My Faith in Customer Service by Elise Fallson – I love this airline for the exact same reason.
Does Good News Make You Worry? by Jami Gold – I suffer from, to much good news means bad news is right around the corner.  Irrational, I know.
10 Questions Writers Must Ask Before Quitting Their Day Job by Jeff Yeager – I am not ready to ask the questions just yet, but soon.

Coolest Things

Saw the Musical FELA produced by Jay Z, Will & Jada Smith.  I thought it was just a musical with cool African dancing, but it was an amazing and touching story.  Read more about Fela Kuti a Nigerian singer and creator of Afro Beats.

New Followers
A.J. Sefton
Sreejit Poole
Joseph Henry Gaines – cool name
Renea Mason
Hunter’s Writing
Zany Zach
Next Week’s Schedule
Tuesday – Secondary Characters Blog Hop
Wednesday – SQM – Iron Man 3 – the many sides of Tony Stark (kind of forgot to post this from last week)
Friday – Flash Fiction – I need more practice


13 thoughts on “My Weekly Update – I’m Bloglovin

  1. I’ve never tried Bloglovin, but I recently switched to Feedly for blog following purposes.
    I can’t wait to hear your quotes from Iron Man 3, we saw it last weekend at the drive-in. 😀

  2. Um, what’s Bloglovin? What am I missing out on? Why am I always the last to know these cool things? Hey, thanks for the shout out! I haven’t seen Iron Man 3 yet, but I’m looking forward to your quotes, is that weird?

  3. I’ve heard the Google follower widget will be going the way of the Dodo, but I axed it from my blog about a year ago. That secondary character ‘fest sounds intriguing.

  4. I use Blogger and was afraid of losing a lot of my followers since it seems like GFC is gonna go by the wayside. I checked out a couple of different options, and Bloglovin ended up being the best option for me. I really like getting one email everyday with everyone’s posts for the day. It’s really helped me keep up with reading blog posts and has cut down on crowding my email account. I’ve asked followers to start following me on Bloglovin so they can keep up with my blog if they wish.

    I’m following you by Bloglovin now! 😀

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