Cheers, Cavanaugh Blogfest

11.19 Cavanaugh Blogfest LIVE December 10

Hosted by Mark Koopmans, Morgan Shamy, David Powers King and Stephen Tremp.

The 4 talented writers above have introduced an unprecedented idea to get together to thank a blogger who has touched all of our online lives. This is only a sample of what he’s created and this is just since I’ve known him:


Genre Favorites Blogfest


He’s a published author of two books and a third is one is way. With all this going on, he still has time to comment on my little old blog especially when I feature a Sydney Quotes the Movies post. Did I mention he loves movies?

Alex is a quality person and he associates himself with quality. And, I can’t think of another person on the Internet that deserves to have a whole Blogfest dedicated to them more then Alex.

Four questions:

What does Alex look like? Alex is an attractive man (much respect to Mrs. Alex). Brown hair, greying at the temples, nice teeth, but a crooked smile.

Who could play Alex in a documentary? When I think of Alex, I picture Sean Connery circa 1987 in the Untouchables, but without the English accent.

Who does Alex remind me of? Alex reminds me an older brother and a younger friend, a wise owl and a impetuous ferret.

Flash Fiction – Dueling Ninjas

“IWSG” I punched in the letters on the keypad singing as I did. I was relaxed.

I had entered the office undetected like a ninja. The Cosbalt brand safe was exactly where my contact said it would be. Just as long as I beat my nemesis, this would be a great score.

I opened the safe inch by inch. A guitar pick and a piece of paper sat at the bottom. On the paper was ineligible writing, almost ineligible.

I crinkled the paper in my fist and slammed the safe shut. “Cavanaugh.” I yelled.

The note simple said, “Played again.”

Are you in love, in utter admiration, in complete adoration (again, no disrespect Mrs. Alex) of Alex, the Ninja Captain, then let me know in the comments below?

And be sure to visit all the others who are dedicating their blogs to Alex, today. And, if you don’t know Alex go by his blog and see for yourself.

17 thoughts on “Cheers, Cavanaugh Blogfest

  1. Honestly, I don’t know how Alex does it! So glad we finally have a chance to let him know how cool he is. 🙂
    Nice work–a wise owl and impetuous ferret. Indeed!

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