Monstrous Monday – Boris the Animal

First, if all, thank you Tim Brannan for hosting the Monstrous Monday Blog Hop.  When I heard about this bloghop, I was all ready to share with you the first monster that gave me nightmares; the monster in Alien.  The scene where the alien busted through the guys stomach was really gross.

But . . .

that was before I meet Boris the Animal from Men in Black 3.  I would accept the alien in my home as a pet before I would even look at a picture of Boris the Animal ever again.

It starts with his’s voice and then the tentacles that spring out on his feet when he needs a little more traction; creepy. And, I don’t even want to think about the things around his eyes or that thing that comes out of his hand.  What freaky psychotic mind thought this monster up.  I mean really.  It’s making my skin crawl just writing this.

Boris the Animal is a monster’s monster.  Please,  view at your own risk and don’t blame me for any sleepless nights that this clip may cause.

Seriously, at 43 seconds, hid your eyes.  Ew and Ew!

What monster give you the creeps? Click on the badge at the top of the page to visit other Monstrous Monday Blog Post.  Let the nightmares begin.

24 thoughts on “Monstrous Monday – Boris the Animal

  1. Haven’t seen MIB 3 either, but did see Prometheus, just this weekend. Verg good prequel for Aliens. Explains a lot, and really well done. I’ll have to check out MIB 3, hate bugs and remember the first one was all about the bugs! UGH

  2. I totally forgot about MIB3 – now I will have to watch that one.

    BTW loved the product placement of Rolaids on that clip ….

    Popped in from the Monstrous Monday blog hop.

  3. The mind who created Boris is definitely full of creepy ideas!! 🙂 *shudder* I’m such a wimp about horror movies and books – but I remember loving the old black and white horror movies when I watched them as a kid!

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