Tattoo Tuesday – I don’t like my tattoo.

Marvin by Tom Armstrong

I know how Marvin feels.  I didn’t like one of my tattoo’s, either.  I had a great idea and a unique image reference, but my tattoo artist couldn’t quite capture my vision.

The tattoo didn’t turn out the way I wanted.

So, I had a few options.  I could have pouted and cried, threatened and accused, or criticized and complained.

And, I did a little bit of all that.  But in the end, I realized it was my tattoo. No one else’s. So, I could either cut my wrist off or I could learn to love it.  The former wasn’t a viable option.  Especially for a writer, I kind of need my hand.

I talked to the original artist and between of the two of us, we came up with a way to covered part of the bad tattoo with another image and still keep the same story and created a better tattoo.

It still isn’t perfect. But, I learned to love my tattoo.

If you get a tattoo and you don’t like it, there are options besides self mutilation (yeah, I get the irony of that statement considering some people think tattoos are a form of body mutilation):

  • If you don’t like your tattoo or it didn’t turn out the way you envisioned, say something to your tattoo artist.  If he is good, he will change it or adjust it to make sure you are happy leaving his shop.  His reputation is on the line.
  • Go to another artist and see if they have any ideas on how to change it or improve it.  Fresh eyes may be the key to creating something good our of something bad.
  • Cover it up by incorporating it into a larger piece (not an option for my wrist tattoo, I have no more skin surface).
  • Live with it. Your tattoo may not be perfect, but it is uniquely yours.  And, it doesn’t change the story behind why you got the tattoo in the first place.

Do you have a tattoo you’re not 100% happy with?  What did you do about?

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14 thoughts on “Tattoo Tuesday – I don’t like my tattoo.

  1. Or, you could have it removed. Painful? Yes. Expensive? Yes. But it will remove the tattoo and you can start fresh. Or just leave your skin naked. Bad tattoos suck, but at least you have some options. No pics of your wrist? Now I’m super curious. 🙂

    1. It is very expensive and I rather spend that money on another tattoo. Click the related post at the bottom for a photo of the redone tattoo. I don’t have a photo of the before photo, but it wasn’t cute. I am happy with it now.

  2. I’ve got one tattoo. It’s a simple celtic knot crescent moon. I’ve got designs for my next one, but I’m looking for the right artist before I dive in. Of course, I’ve been looking for the right artist for 3 years now, so who knows if I’ll find her/him or not, lol=)
    And I agree with Tameri… Where’s the pic of the wrist?!

  3. I got a tattoo on my upper right arm that was awful. It was my second tattoo, done on a whim. I dealt with it for years then when I met my current artist she offered to do a cover up that incorporated it into a half sleeve. I love it now. And the remnants of the old tattoo are kind of cool also.

  4. I have a tattoo that I’m not particularly fond of at the moment that’s on my upper right arm. My sister and I decided to get matching tattoos in memory of our mom, but we couldn’t figure out what to get. Our mom loved cameos, so we decided to get cameo tattoos. My sister hated hers and had another artist cover it up.

    I plan on going back to the same artist and asking him to turn the silhouette skeletal like the cover of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I’ve never seen someone with a cameo tattoo before–I’ve scoured the Internet in search of photos of one but haven’t found any. It would totally be a difficult tattoo to do, but with the ideas I have, I think it’s going to end up looking frickin’ sweet.

    1. I like your idea of the cover up. What did your sister have done to cover it up. I would love to cover mine up, but there is no space. And, I am not ready to commit to a sleeve just yet.

  5. I had a tattoo done when I was 18. I liked it then and it had significance, but it wasn’t really appropriate for me as I got older. I had it successfully covered up and I’m now happy with it.

    I then got one on my wrist and it has a few imperfections that annoy me, but due to my tiny, skinny wrist there’s not much that cn be done. Most other people don’t notice (unless I point out the little things about it that annoy me). I’ll get it touched up in a year or so. They are addictive, so t least getting touch ups/cover ups limits the amount of skin that is tattooed 😉 My hubby and family are very conservative and they aren’t fans, otherwise I’d happily have a half sleeve.

  6. I speak from direct experience. I have two forearm tattoos and I have to cover them up at work. I wear two Ink Armor sleeves: They work well but I honestly wish I had gotten inked further up my arms. I would never have my tattoos removed because they remind me of family members I miss. Too bad there’s no way to move the artwork once it’s in place.

  7. I think anyone who considers a tatoo should evaluate the reason they want the tatoo in fhe first place. As a health care professional, I have seen tatoos on all parts of the anatomy and the location of a tatoo is important.. For instance, you might not want to get a tatoo on your lower back anywhere need your spine. Tatoos in this area can interfere with the administration of spinal and epidural anesthesia as the needle can pick up fragments of the tatoo ink and be injected into the epidural space or into spinal fluid. Before you get a tatoo, remember that something you get as a very young person may not look as good over the years when the color fades and the particular design becomes less appropriate. Also consider the cost of getting of laser removal of tatoos. It’s not cheap. Also remember that tatoos are not accepted in some professions such as the FBI where it is considered an identifying mark. Had a friend who had a tatoo removed in order to get a job in the secret service.

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