Summer: Fact or Fiction? – The Big Reveal

It is time for the big reveal in the What I did Last Summer: Fact or Fiction? Blog Hop.  Thanks so much to all the lovely  people who stopped by and casted their votes.  I was thrilled with the response and appreciative of all those who where concerned about my health and those who enjoyed the Universe setting things back in balance (You need to read the stories to get what I am talking about).

Taking a walk down memory lane and putting these two story on paper was a great experience for me.  I truly enjoyed it and discovered I have many of these types of stories rolling around in my head.  I can use them in my WIP, might be fun.  You know – – –

Oh, all right. I will stop stalling.  Here is what you all have been waiting for:

Broke Back in Three Places – FACT

Roller Coaster Karma – FICTION

Thanks again Emily R. King and Melodie Wright  for a cool Bloghop.  I had a blast.

Make sure to stop by the other participants and see if you guessed correctly.

Have a great weekend!



16 thoughts on “Summer: Fact or Fiction? – The Big Reveal

      1. Because some Summers were boring, others were strange. My sterling reputation would be tarnished, my good name profaned.

        Post that coffee pic on my bloggy thing. You can win a Headspit Herman! It’s a crime to let good coffee (pictures) go unseen. 🙂

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