Tattoo Tuesday – My New Tattoo

This Tattoo Tuesday, I decided to share my most recent tattoo story.  Recent as in two day ago.

So, let me take you though it.  First I pick out an image.

I love lotus flowers and the meaning behind them.  They have a fascinating life.  The lotus flower begins as a seed buried deep into the mud and sediment of a lake or pond.  It pushes its way through the dirt and muck reaching for the light.  When passes through the murky water, it purifies it and makes the water clear.  The messier its surroundings, the more beautiful the lotus becomes.  It is inspiring to me to think that beauty can come from less then ideal situations.

Next, my tattoo artist takes my image and creates a stencil.  I have a couple of tattoos where the artist drew the image free hand directly on my skin.  This tattoo needed clean solid lines and was pretty specific, so the stencil was the way to go.

That is YoYo.

After she places the stencil, she gets to work on my tattoo.

At this point, just imagine a hot nail being dragged across your skin like a hot poker and then mix that with the sound of a tooth drill.  It is so much fun.

But, if you can stand all that, you end up with something like this:

Happiness, Passion, Love & Faith

If you have a tattoo story to share, let me know.  

16 thoughts on “Tattoo Tuesday – My New Tattoo

    1. I knew it. I have never had a baby, but the one I have on my lower back was insanely painful. I keep saying, I did get it tattooed, I gave birth to it. Crazy pain.

  1. That’s beautiful! And full of such great meaning, And I agree about the pain – my lower back tat felt just like when I was induced and wound up with back labor, my son was sideways and pushing on my back. (He was c-sectioned 26 hours later so I can’t say about actual birth pains). My forearm and wrist tattoos were nothing compared to the back. Behind my ear is next – hoping that’s not painful but I imagine the loud buzzing in my ear will grate on my brain a bit.

    1. Thanks Christin. My wrist was no big deal either. I wish someone had told me about the lower back. It was some kind of pain. Your son took the scenic route. Haha.
      Let me know about behind the ear. I am going for the ribs next time. I heard that was crazy, too.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Getting a tattoo is one of those experiences that is always, on some level, life changing. I can grab a Pepsi, eat some nachos, go to the bank, buy some shoes, hit the trail on the bike and clean the sink, and those all pass as memories of time and/or money spent, but a tattoo lasts forever.

    That said, I might have to make plans to get inked again sometime soon. If I do, I will steal your blog idea 🙂


        I helped my brother propose to his GF by convincing her she was about to get attacked by a shark, ate waaaaaaay too much seafood and Key Lime Pie (according to Men’s Health — personally, I don’t think one can eat ENOUGH seafood or Key Lime Pie), and I got about 14 Shades of Darker, missing my goal of 50.

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