My Weekly Update – Awards Round Up

I have been tagged by my blog buddy A.M. Schultz.  I am stealing his little skull star guy in order for you to remember the man and the myth.  Besides, I think it is too cool. Click on the skull to visit his new site Head Spit.  The guys got talent.

 Eleven Things about Me:
1. I am moving to Shanghai next month.
2. I broke my iPhone yesterday by dropping it on a concrete floor.
3. I play golf.
4. I am unusually loyal to TaylorMade Adidas products.
5. I am obsessed with reality cooking show competitions; Top Chef, Master Chef, Chopped.
6. I can’t cook.
7. I am currently reading Foreign Identity by my new blog friend Becca J. Campbell. Just a few pages in, but Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory meets the movie Saw keeps popping into my head. It is really good.
8. I wonder why Apple doesn’t make printers. It is preventing me from having an all Apple workstation.
9. I currently have three types of currency in my wallet. Can you guess which ones? Hint: I don’t have any American dollars.
10. The title of my next novel is tentatively Ink: A Permanent Love Story. Corny?

Now on to 11 questions by  AM Schultz.  I have to admit, I am a little scared.  Here we go:

#1: Better Song: Happy Happy, Joy Joy or Peanut Butter Jelly Time?
Happy Happy, Joy Joy.  I have no clue what Peanut Butter Jelly Time is, but I will look it up.
#2: What song must you dance/sing to, even at the risk of looking like a ginormous dorkface?
In the fantasy version of myself, I sing and dance like Beyonce. Dance for You is my favorite song from her last album and whenever I hear it, I have to sign and dance.  It’s pretty hot. Let me know what you think.
#3: If you could take any historical figure to lunch, who would it be?
I have a fascination with female leaders, so I would probably pick Cleopatra. The historical accounts of her versus how she is portrayed in movies and T.V. shows is so different.  I would love to ask what what’s the real deal.
4: Where would you go?
 I would take her to Craft in New York. Tom Colicchio’s food is fit for a queen.
#5: What do you think they would order?
She would probably order the entire menu and take a small bite of each thing. She is a queen after all, she is allowed.
#6: What book do you wish you had written?
There aren’t any books I wish I could have written. I think that would be pretty arrogant of me to think I could write a book I love better than the writer.
#7: If you could be one character from literature, who would you be?
I took this quiz What Character from literature are you and it said I was Atticus Finch, which is just awesome. I love To Kill a Mockingbird
#8: Paper or plastic?
#9: Does the end justify the means?
It does, until it doesn’t.
#10: Least favorite celebrity?
Kim Kardasian – I just don’t get it.
#11: What is the maximum number of times someone should take a bath/shower per day (excluding those with medical conditions, etc)
At least once a day, unless you are really busy and don’t subject other to your funk, then you can get a way with once every two days.

Also, a shout out and thank you to Ella Medler for the One Lovely Blog Award she bestowed upon me last week and Megan Paasch; Rhymes with Smash! for the Inspiring Blog Award.  Last but not least, big thanks to Emma MC at Write Away for the Sunshine Award.  Please check out their blogs.

Badges are on my Blog Work Tab.  As far as the responsibilities, please forgive me, but I don’t think there is anything that you don’t know about me.  I need to go do more stuff so I have more to talk about.  But, I am very grateful for the love nonetheless.

New Followers – I am honored and blessed.

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9 thoughts on “My Weekly Update – Awards Round Up

  1. Thank you for the unsolicited borrowdom of the starface skull guy. It is quite awesome to see him hanging around on another website, travelling the globe. He’s a good guy. 🙂

      1. No, no! Let him breathe! He needs to expand. I’m sick of him always wanting cosmetic upgrades and reproducing. I’ve got like 35 of the damn things floating around my flash drive now.

        And 29 of those “Headspit” ones. They are like rabbits.

    1. Hi Laura. Thanks. I want to learn how to cook, but have no time. Work relocation. Shanghai should be interesting. It will be like someone from Alabama moving to New York city.

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