L – Lord Dudley

I love pubs.  There is nothing I like better then going to a local pub and having a pint.

Some of my favorite memories occurred with a pint of cider in my hand.  And, I will never forget telling my English friends how much I don’t like Guinness only to discover the miracle concoction known as the “Poor Man’s Black Velvet” (Guinness mixed with Strongbow Cider ).  So, good.

Pubs and Pints reminds me of the time that I lived in London and how I was “100% completely happy with life” .  Really, I was.  I actually wrote that in the journal I kept while I was living there.  I was a college student with no stress and hadn’t had to deal with the real world, yet. Oh, the memories.

When I told the same friends who introduced me to the Black Velvet that I was heading to Sydney, he insisted that I experience The Lord Dudley Hotel. They were right before, no reason to doubt their word now.

The Lord Dudley Hotel is a famous pub in Sydney.  This is how they describe The Lord Dudley and its patrons on their website.

 The Lord Dudley is an enigma in that it does not have a defined clientele. The regulars come from all walks of life. Trades people and office workers rub shoulders with barristers, stockbrokers and politicians. The rich and the famous also find it a great place to unwind. Don’t be surprised to find Hollywood Actors having dinner in the restaurant while prominate sports heroes are enjoying a drink in the front bar. Publican James (Jamie) Couche has created a feel good environment which appeals to everyone who calls in.


It sounds like a place were I can be “100% completely happy with life”.  If only for one night.

*I will be updating this post at a later date once I have experienced The Lord Dudley.

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