H – History of Australia (Criminals & Drunks)

Drawing courtesy of Victoria Punishment.

Aboriginal Australians arrived by boat 40,000 to 60,000 years ago.

In 1770, James Cook charted the East Coast of Australia for Britain.

Australia used to be a British penal colony.  It is where England would send all their murders and rapist and seasoned criminals. About 160,000 of Britain’s unwanted were shipped to Australia.

The first settles of Australia drank more alcohol per person than any other community in the history of mankind.

A former Prime Minister of Australia also holds a Guinness Record.  He sculled 2.5 pints of beer in 11 seconds.

Courtesy of the Outback Australia Travel Guide
Map drawn by Bowen Emanuel 

10 thoughts on “H – History of Australia (Criminals & Drunks)

  1. I think ‘sculled’ is my new new favorite word (it was ‘goober’ until reading this). I’m assuming sculled means drank? If so, I’m totally using it in my next book!

    1. It means to drink with great speed and gusto. You all crowd around someone and chant “Scull” repeatedly, whereupon they must finish whatever they are drinking in one go, or live in shame forever.

      1. Oh, yeah. We do the same in America and China. America we chant “chug, chug, chug.” China it’s “Gan Bei.” See we are not so different, you and me.

  2. Also murderers, rapists and seasoned criminals? Not really. Those guys were hung back in England. My convict ancestors came over here almost uniformly for theft, one for stealing blankets.

    1. If these are the ancestors of thieves, they have made a nice life for themselves here in lovely Australia. Everyone is super sweet and oh so “keen” (new favorite Australian word) to teach me all the local customs, including sculling. HAHA. I have had a blast in Sydney, so far.

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