The Buckets by Greg Cravens

The kid has a the right idea. If it was only just that easy. Someone needs to come up with a workout regime that is rigorous and challenging and burns fat and calories, but you can do it in your sleep. Brilliant!

Well, it made me smile anyway. And, I hope it will make me smile my ass awake on Tuesday morning to get to the gym. Stay tuned!!!

“On the Fat Joe Wave”

Fat Joe, rapper from the Bronx lost over 100 pounds recently. He says the turning point for him was going to his friends funeral who died from complications from being overweight. He wanted to see his little girls grow up.

Brother’s in the hood are now running and they are not being chased by the police. Haha!! One dude explained, “I am on the Fat Joe Wave”.

Inspiration in unlikely places, get it where you can. Next week, I am on the “Fat Joe Wave”.