Luke Wessman – Tattoo Artist

Luke Wessman – ‘Self Made’ – He is another artist that I admire. More so because he is all about his friends and family and he seems to understand how blessed he is to be able to what he does so well.

Check ou his website.

2 thoughts on “Luke Wessman – Tattoo Artist

  1. Sydney, I just looped back around and found this link you shared with me. WOW! What an amazing artist! His website is really fanning my tattoo flame right now! How did you decide what to get when you got your tattoos? You said there was a story behind each of them…I’m wondering how I would ever settle on a design and choose…

  2. Hey Ana. Luke’s work is pretty awesome and he really can do a lot of different styles. Now a days, I get inspired by seeing other artist work and about stories I hear and images I see. The stories of my first tattoos really have these very long and involved stories associated with them that are only interesting to me, I think. But, I spend a lot of time think about what I want to get and if I still love the idea after thinking about it for months, then I get it. Take your time, you will know when you find the right image.

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