G – Gals and Guys of Another New Life

GAlaina – Miranda’s aunt. She lives in Austin, but they aren’t close. She’s a folk singing, painting, vegan.

Brooke – One of the first people Miranda meets at school. She’s a sophomore and offers Miranda some good advice about UT Austin guys.

Becca – Brooke’s best friend. Insecure, flighty and doesn’t know when to shut up.

Stacy – Jeff’s girlfriend and Rhonda’s (you remember Rhonda) best friend. At one point in the book, someone calls her a gold digging bitch.

Ryan – Troy’s best friend since the sixth grade and star running back for the Longhorns. They are like brothers and Troy spent a lot of time with his family in high school.

Todd– Offensive lineman for the Longhorns and Troy’s roommate. He tries to break up with his girlfriend of two years with a text message.

David – Wide Receiver for the Longhorns and Troy’s roommate. He’s hot, but he giggles like a little girl.

Brandon – Miranda’s therapist. He helps her navigate through all the craps she has been carrying around for eight years.

How many secondary characters are too many? 


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