Parenthetical Pause

My pastor used to say this all the time. “Let’s pause here parenthetically and …” It was his way to use the same example to show us another meaning that we may not have thought of before.  It was always a moment of levity in the sermon or a way to emphasis the point better.  It was most always followed by a rousing chorus of “amen” and “speak preacher, speak”.

I miss church. I miss that atmosphere of like minded people who come together to praise and worship.  Believe me, I know there are very real issues with churches these days and the churches I attended were all full of sinners and people who you wouldn’t usually associate with being religious or spiritual.  People who’s actions didn’t exact exhibit religious principles.  But, in my experience and my opinion, I enjoyed the churches I went to.

I enjoyed what I got out of them and as evident by my leaving one church for another, I left when i wasn’t getting anything out it.  So, let’s pause here parenthetically to examine why now this is coming up in my blog.  Well, it is not the center of my life any longer.  I am still a christian, still pray to God every night. I still call on him to help me when I am feeling overwhelmed, lonely or scared.  I don’t immediately praise him for the positive things in my life, but do eventually.  I have this constant believe that no way anything good would happen to me if not for God, so may be why I don’t immediately give him praise.  ”God, you know my heart.” Smile!!

Growing up, every Sunday you went to church.  Period.  You may not have wanted to go, you may not have enjoy it, but you went.  Then, I got the opportunity to choose what church I wanted to go to. But, if I hadn’t had to go back then, I wouldn’t want to go now.  So, thank God I was made to go.

I miss the fellowship and the music and the intellectual sermons that made you think. I loved hearing how what God wrote years and years ago can be applied to my life in 2011.  It is great the way God chooses to speak to us.  I also really enjoyed the Sunday dinner.  The food itself was great, but it was also the opportunity once per week to get together with people you love and just laugh and laugh and laugh.  That was the best part.

Don’t worry I am not a religious fanatic and I can see why people are turned off by religion, but for me it was always about my personal relationship with God.  And bringing me and my loved ones together to regroup once a week.

I loose faith with people, but with God, no way. People will let you down every day, but not God. People are the scariest things in this world. Because people are unpredictable. But, you can rely on God.  There is comfort in that.

At this time in my life, when I am surround by people who have had negative experiences when it came to religion and spirituality, it is hard to maintain your faith.  At times I feel so far away from God.  But, those are the times when I need to pause parenthetically and remember that God, hasn’t gone anywhere.  It it is I who have gone somewhere.  I have let him down and I am unpredictable and inconsistent.  He is right there. Right where and when I need him and that is what I have to keep reminding myself.  He may not be in the first post, but his spirit rules all post.  It is because of him that I have the pleasure of even doing this at this time.

He gave me my mind, my imagination and my voice.  I thank God, I have the opportunity to share that here and now.