Let’s Open it up to the Group

Hello Insecure Writer’s Support Group Members:

Last month I found myself writing a lot of short stories.  I guess I was warming up for JuNoWriMo, which I am 6 days in and happy to say on goal, so far.  Out of all this actual fiction writing, a few issues and questions have come up that I would love to have my fellow writers advice and input on. I mean, who better to tell you what you are doing wrong, then your friends.  We are friend, right?

Let’s Open it up to the Group: 

  1. Is there such thing as to much dialogue in an a story?  I am concerned my WIP is starting to look more like a screenplay instead of a novel? How do you determine the right balance between dialogue and description?
  2. How do you express someone laughing or crying or cringing without coming right out and saying that “Emilynn laughed”?  or Is it ok to say what type of physical reaction your character is having?
  3. Yesterday I found myself writing a scene in my WIP and when I went back to read what I wrote, I literally did not remember writing it.  It was really good though, so I didn’t panic to much.  What is your “in the zone” writing experience like?
  4. In the last month, I have written a few reality short stories, two scenes from a scary (not quite horror) stories, and my WIP which is an international/romantic/comedy/drama.  When my goal is to become a better writer, is it ok to write in all these different genres or am I spreading my creative mind to thin?  Should I just stick with getting good at one?
Thanks again to Alex Cavanaugh for creating this forum for me to share my insecurity’s in a calm and supportive environment.  I really look forward to hearing everyones feedback.  
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