X – XOXO – Acknowledgements

XTHIS is my favorite part of the writing process.  Acknowledging all those who have contributed to making Another New Life happen.

First, I have to thank God for his grace and patience. It took me a while to find my gift and now that I have found it, I am forever thankful for His blessings.

To my family for putting up with my hair brain schemes, this one I actually finished. Mom, Dad, Kevin, Jimmy, Patrina – Love you!

Pk Hrezo, Tianna Doyle, Emily Robertson & Vanessa Aapiah. The most honest, supportive and enthusiastic beta readers I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  You all brought a unique perspective and made my story better.

A big thank you and your the best, to Jade at Black Firefly who answered all my questions and guided me through the whole production process. We created a beautiful book, don’t you think?

Huge thank you to Rachel Marks and the team at Mark My Words Book Publicity. They took on my book like it was their own and helped me navigate the world of marketing.

Thanks to Allyson Whipple and her editing assistance.

Special shout out Jenny Sims at Editing 4 Indies. She proofread Another New Life, but will be my editor of choice for future projects.

Another special shout out to Arijana Karčić at Cover It! Designs. She is a vision personifier (is that a word). She made my characters come to life in the form of book cover genius.

An enormous amount of gratitude goes to Suzanne Van Rooyen for being my musical guru. She shared her extensive knowledge in piano and musical performance and helped me make Miranda a true music prodigy.

A special shout out to some of my favorite, most inspirational, and motivational bloggers who I have gotten to know over the last three years.

 Alex J. Cavanaugh
Arlee Bird
Nicole at Madlap Post
Katie Cross – my most consistent commentor
Kitt Crescendo
*Many more that I could name, but I only have a page to work with. 

All the members of the New Adult Authors Unite! Facebook Group

All the members of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group

My fellow inked up writers featured on Tattoo Tuesday

And, finally, I wanted to acknowledge a few NA authors with recent releases who blogged, Facebooked and tweeted about their journeys and made me feel like I could do this, too. (Note, I’m not even sure if I am allowed to mentioned them in the book, but I want to make sure and mention them here.)

Claudia Bradshaw – Sin for Love
AJ Pine – If Only 
Brianna Lee – Rush Into You
Paige Rion – Written on Her Heart
Faith Sullivan – Hold me Tight
Cassie Mae – How to Seduce a Band Geek

XOXO Kisses and Hugs to everyone. If I forgot anyone, please forgive me, this is my first time. Thanks to the A to Z Challenge bloggers, as well. Do you like writing your acknowledgment page or do you worry you might forget someone? 

P – Production and Public Relations

PThis post will be shameless plugs for two very cool companies run by two very cool people who helped on the front and back end of Another New Life.

Black Firefly – Shedding the Light on the Darkness of Publication

Jade and her connections in finding the right beta readers, editors, and cover artist made the production of my book relatively stress free.  Even though she was on the other side of the world, she answered my questions in a timely manner and even when things didn’t go smooth, her support and quick action, eased my mind.

One of the reasons I picked her was, I needed guidance and support in the production of Another New Life, but I didn’t want to sacrifice uniqueness. I am 100% in control of the way my book looks, Black Firefly helped my make it a reality.

Mark My Words Book Publicity

I choose Rachel Marks and Mark My Words Book Publicity because they choose me, too. Again, I wanted some support in marketing the release of Another New Life. I sent her my manuscript and she loved it and her team loved it. They were just as excited about it as I was and we worked together to a create a plan for my book release. From our first conversation, Rachel and I hit it off and she’s been on top of it ever since. The cover reveal was a huge success and I am excited for the Release Day Blitz and the blog tour.


If you need help with bringing you book to life, I highly recommend Black Firefly and Mark My Words.

If your an indie writer, do you do all of these things yourself, or are you like me and need a little help? 



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