Hipmunk Hotels: Bridges and Boardwalks in Wheeling, Gulf Shores, Hunstville, Little Rock, and Kissimmee

If I took this road trip in order, I would log about 2,000 miles on my car; which I think would be would be worth the mileage. I would be sure to properly explore the bridges and boardwalks in some unlikely spots in these cool southern towns.

Wheeling, West Virginia

Wheeling, West Virginia, sits on the banks of the Ohio River, the largest river that flows into the Mississippi. The suspension bridge is a must see stop in Wheeling. A short walk from many hotels in downtown Wheeling, you can traverse the 1,000 foot bridge and see great views of the river, Wheeling, and Wheeling Island. The bridge has great historical significance. It was the original passage from the New World to the wild, wild, west.  If you’re afraid of heights or old things, prepare yourself. The bridge looks every bit of its 160 years.

Gulf Shores, Alabama

When I think of the Gulf Shores, my mind conjures up the devastating scenes of Hurricane Katrina back in 2005. The homes and attractions destroyed during the storm have popped back up over the years better than ever. Gulf Shores, Alabama is a great beach town with amazing reasonably priced hotels on the beach and fun attractions like the Gulf State Park and Boardwalk. It’s possible to sit out on this boardwalk and stare at the water for hours.

Image provided by Amanda Watson via Trover.com

Huntsville, Alabama

Huntsville, Alabama is a beautiful little city with land on two spots of the Tennessee River. I think the river loved the water so much it curled around another city to have two river coastlines. Ditto Landing is a marina and campground dedicated to preserving the natural resources. The nature reserves are regulated by the government and provide fishing, boat rides, archery, and bow lessons. Ditto Landing is only 10 minutes away from several hotels in Huntsville, but the peaceful surroundings may make a camper out of me, yet.

Image provided by Jennifer Hott-Greenway via Trover.com

Little Rock, Arkansas

I spent a few days in Little Rock, Arkansas, last summer. I didn’t get the chance to see much but the inside of a nice hotel and a few bars downtown. I also saw the Junction Bridge and knew I had to come back and explore. Located outside of Bill Clinton’s Presidential Library, the trails from the library lead you into the woods and over this historical bridge. I can’t wait to check out the views over the Arkansas River.

Kissimmee, Florida

I lived in Florida for years and every time someone came to visit, they wanted to go, stay, and play in Kissimmee–the center of adult and childhood fun near Disney and Universal Studios. However, the adventure side of me always wanted to visit Shingle Creek Regional Park. Located in the Everglades, the President calls Shingle Creek America’s Great Outdoor. On the west trail a pedestrian bridge was constructed to allow hikers, bikers, and nature lovers to explore the Kissimmee lands without disturbing the natural setting.

Image provided by Steve Burns via Trover.com

What are some of your favorite boardwalks, shores and bridges?