W – Writing is Work



My flashback blog is from April 26, 2012. I choose this post because it was a turning point in my writing and blogging.  I was nearing the end of the A to Z Challenge and I came to the realization that this writing thing is work.  

The A to Z Challenge has been work!

And I am exhausted.  I am new to this blogging/writing thing.  I say thing because I am not sure what to call it, yet.  It certainly isn’t my job, but it’s not a hobby either.  I think for now, I will call it a commitment.

I have committed to writing every day. I have committed to putting my thoughts and ideas and dumb ass moments out there for the world to read about.

Committing to writing every single day is work. Not only do you have to be creative, you have to be funny, witty and clever, too.  No wonder I am exhausted.

Then, there is the practical side of writing.  You have to plan and research and construct.  You need that structure to be consistent.  There is very little flexibility.  Did I say I committed to this?  Yeah, I guess I did.

Who cares that I have scheduled vacation?  I must get this posted.  I am too sick or too tired to write today.  Suck it up sweetie.  Write! Write! Write!

But, wait, I do have a real job.  A real job that allows me to pay for the latest Mac technology to record my writing and  the internet I use to speak to the world wide web.  I can’t forget about my real job.  *Ironically, I am writing this post while at work on the office internet and I live in a hotel with free wifi.  That’s beside the point.

But, I have to write.  The www is depending on me.  Well, maybe not depending on me, but you get the point.  Fitting in the time for some quality outlining and writing and editing and formatting takes some effort.

Not to mention finding that perfect (legal) photo to illustrate my words of wisdom.

These photos in no way demonstrate what I am talking about except for the fact
that I took them all, so I know they are legal.

And, don’t let me forget about the social media responsibilities that go along with being a proper member of the writing/blogging community.

This commitment is not easy, but I believe that this is what the A to Z Challenge was meant to show me. And, my eyes are wide open now.

The A to Z Challenge has taught me that being a writer is work, hard work.

But, writing makes me happy.   I am committed to being happy.  What more can I ask for?

The sign up for this years challenge is coming soon.  It changed my idea of what blogging was all about and it could do the same for you.  

Make sure you go over to The Peasants Revolt and wish Felicia a Happy Anniversary.