The Great and Powerful A to Z Theme Reveal Blogfest

atoz-theme-reveal-2015This will be my third A to Z. I have a blast every year, but this I am extra excited. I have begged my fellow authors to share, open up, and reveal things about themselves. I’ve asked them to tell me about their ink. Yes. My Theme is Writers and Tattoos.

I’ll have some inked authors, some authors who write about inked characters. I’ll reveal a few of my favorite tattoo themed books and tell you about my own ink and perhaps share a bit about my tattooed themed series set for publication in November of 2015.

And, if you are an inked up author or love inked characters, or a even better, an inked up reader and want to tell me about your ink, let me know in the comments. I have a few letters left. I can fit you in. 

Have a great A to Z Challenge everyone!