My #DFWCon by the Numbers

8 Seminars Attended – couldn’t even pick a favorite, they were all amazing.

1 Workshop Attended – didn’t go well.  The story I had critiqued isn’t very good and I am finally ok with it.  It was my first attempt at writing a novel and while I love the story, I came to realize it works much better in my head then it does on paper.

2 books purchased – believe me when I tell you I exhibited an incredible  amount of self control in only buying two.

The Wisdom of Hair by Kim Boykin – she conducted two seminars, Making a Story Great with Texture and The Way to a Women’s Heart. She was amazing.

Secret Sex Lives by Suzy Spencer – she conducted a seminar titled Murder & Sex, great information.

2 Pitches – my first attempted at pitching my story. I wrote my pitch in 6 different ways the morning of the first pitch. It never sounded right.  Finally, after a pep talk from the lovely Tameri Etherton,  I just went in and spoke from my heart.  I love this story and I guess it showed because . . .

2 Requests for submissions – I really don’t know how or why an agent asked for a request, in the pitch sessions, it seems like everyone was getting request.  I don’t care, I am happy to have some one care enough to ask follow up questions about my story and to hear them say, I would like to read more.  Coolest feeling in the world, every.  

Tons of amazing people – I met and talked to and learned from and admired and was humbled by so many people. It was so great to be around people who understand and can related to the weird, quirky, imaginative, off the wall, what in the world and strange way we think sometimes.  People who say, I know exactly what you mean.  It was nice to be around people who understand how blessed we are to call ourselves WRITERS!

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Insecure Writer’s Support Group

InsecureWritersSupportGroupThanks so much to Alex for not postponing the IWSG.  I know we are all little tired from a month of A to Z challenge posting, but I can’t rest now. I need some help.

I mentioned a few months ago that I would be attending two writer’s conferences this year. I went to the Tennessee Williams Literary Festival in New Orleans in March. Had such a blast, but I had no responsibilities.

This weekend is the DFW Writer’s Conference. I have quite a bit planned.  Besides the many seminars I am looking forward to attending, I have an appointment to pitch my novel to an agent and I also signed up for a writer’s workshop where I get to share a few pages of my wip and get instant feedback.

For some reason, I am more scared about the pitch session then I am about the workshop.  I would much rather read my work to people and have them rip it to shreds constructively critique it the to try and sell my novel. Like to the point that I can’t even remember what my novel is about. Now that is scary.

I mean, is this a strange mental twist or what? I can handle someone telling me what I did needs some work, but can’t handle them telling me what I completed isn’t good enough. Now, I know a novel, pitched to an agent, is far from completed, especially if the agent likes it, it will need some work, but should my mental approach to these to two activities be different.  Maybe not?

Anyone else have this particular mental tic?  Any tips you can pass along on how to deal with a face to face pitch session with an agent? 

Thanks as well to this month’s co-hosts, Lynda Young, Mark Koopmans, and Rachna Chhabria!

Let me know if you’re going to DFWcon. We need to network. 🙂