NFL KickOff – Character Interview – Jaken Tanner

In celebration of NFL 2015 Kick Off,I’m bringing you a little insight into one of my characters.

Please meet Jaken Tanner, Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and the love of Emma’s Life.


Hey Jaken. Thanks for joining me.

You’re welcome.

When did you realize you had a talent and when did you decide that you could use your talent to make a living?

Wow. You’re going to get right into it. No softball questions like what’s you’re favorite color or what would I do if I wasn’t playing football.

We’ll get to that, but when did you figure out you were good.

To be honest, I don’t think I even appreciated that I was good at football until I got to college. Growing up in Texas, every guy played football. It’s just what you did. I was really close to my high school coach –

He later became you’re father in law?

Uh, yeah. He and my father were supportive and encouraging and guide me to be good at something and in college, I started my second year and started every game ever since.

Where did you’re discipline come from?

I think it came from having my son at such a young age. I knew I had to work hard and do what I needed to do in order to make a life for him. I was okay with having a nice life, but I wanted him to have an extraordinary life and to give him that, I needed to be disciplined in football.

What food do you hate giving up when you’re in training?

Oh man. Not a food, but a drink. Jameson. I love it, but I don’t drink it during the season. My girl friend turned me on to Jameson with a pickle back and swears it prevents hang overs, but I still wouldn’t risk it during the season.

You’re girlfriend drinks Jameson?

Yeah, she’s an exceptional woman.

Any strange superstitions or pregame rituals you perform before you play a game?

Since my rookie season, Michael and I have rituals that have evolved over the years. We have to walk on the field together for warm up and intros. We run the field together during warm ups and have to be in step. We play catch during the opening kick off, stuff that like.

No lucky underwear?

No. Blushes from ear to ear.

What’s you hype music?

My girlfriend, Emma, sends me a new song every week. Like for the Super Bowl, she sent me Fighter by Gym Class Heroes. 

The songs mostly lean towards hip hop?

No, for the NFC Championship game, it was that song from Rocky IV. (Jaken Sings) Hearts on fire, strong desire. –Emma sitting in the back ground shaking her head and laughing.  

Let’s get back to some serious stuff. Would you let your son play football?

This is the hot topic isn’t it. I get it. I would love it if my son became a regular guy with a regular job where he didn’t get beat up every week, but I also know the passion I have for the game and would rather my son find something that evokes the same passion for him. If that’s football, then I am excited for him.

How do you find time be a father and a boyfriend and an NFL Quarterback?

He turns back to look at Emma and then back at me.

It’s hard. Emma has been a fan of mine even before we got together. She is super supportive and it’s important for me to be just as supportive of her. Plus, she and my son get along so well, we enjoy spending time together. 

Yeah, but you need some time alone.

We find time.

Ok, since I’m not going to get anymore then that, let’s do some quick hits.

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate

Why? Mixes better with stuff.

Beach or Mountains? Beach

Why? Emma in a bikini – hot.

Favorite city? New York

Why? Where I meet my girl for the last time.

Read or watch TV? Read

Why? I’ve seen the process and respect the heck out of it.

 If you weren’t a football player, what would you be doing? A teacher.

Why? It an awesome superpower to have, being able to teach someone something.

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