Hipmunk Hotels: Themed Vacations in Reno, Phoenix, Richmond, Detroit and Louisville

I thought of another twist to my bucket list, themed vacations. Who doesn’t like a good theme? All of these big cities warranted a revisit and with a cool theme it will be like visiting the city for the first time, all over again, so to speak, as it where (Seinfeld reference).

Reno, Nevada

Reno, Nevada is a destination for action and adventure, but not all action takes place in the casinos. Reno is smack dab in the desert, buckaroo. To appease my inner cow girl, I think I would like to enjoy a horseback ride through the many trails. The local hotels can put you in touch with a guide or tour group.  A leisurely trot through the nearby trails or an all day excursion will have you saying y’all and embracing the cowboy way of life in no time.

Image provided by Julie Jeffery via Trover.com

Phoenix, Arizona

I lived in Phoenix, Arizona for a summer. Yeah, I know. Summer is not the best time to visit. Let me let you in on a little secret. It wasn’t as bad as you would think. Phoenix is a dry heat. I still sweated my butt off, but I discovered that the heat didn’t keep people from enjoying outdoor activities, they just did them at night. Night golf, lighted tennis courts, moonlight hikes in the nearby mountains are great ways to enjoy the city after being cooped up in the air-conditioned hotels and resorts all day.

Richmond, Virginia

My mother grew up in Virginia so I have first hand knowledge of how this city has changed over the years. It may not be on your bucket list, but if history fascinates you, Richmond and the Capital Square area continues to embrace the city’s historic significance to the birth of our nation. Walk down the cobbled stone streets, study the fully restored capital, and wander the grounds of the Executive Mansion. Built in the 1700’s, the city of Richmond, Virginia will take you back Colonial Times, the good parts of it anyway.


Image provided by Megan Wright via Trover.com

Detroit, Michigan

While Detroit, Michigan and the surrounding suburbs have gone through a lot lately economically, it’s still a fascinating city with many attractions. I’ll call this my Speedster themed vacation. Detroit Auto Museum traces the history of the automobile in US history. The Model T museum shows Ford’s place in the creation of our modern-day obsession with our cars. Paying tribute to these establishments and patronizing the many hotels and casino resorts in Detroit will go a long way in bringing this city back to prominence.

Louisville, Kentucky

I’m calling my trip to Louisville, Kentucky my whiskey themed vacation. Home of Kentucky Bourbon and the Jim Beam Distillery, you can’t help but partake in the local drink. Whether you are a fan of whiskey or not. Pick a hotel near the center of town. Bar hop to sample how each establishment takes the local beverage and creates their own twist.


Image provided by Abby Fieldhouse via Trover.com

Who wants to join me on a Wild West, Sportster, Colonial, Speedster, Drunk road trip?

Sydney Aaliyah Michelle

Contributing writer for hipmunk.com.

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