R – Rafe by Jo Raven

RI have another INKED focused series to share with you. The Inked Brotherhood Series by Jo Raven. I’ve read the first one, but book five starts with an R. So, there.

Regardless (R theme), the series is amazing.

Inked Brotherhood Series:

Five boys brought together by fate. Five young men trying to overcome their troubled pasts. Five tattoos marking them as a brotherhood built on tragedy. Will they find understanding and rise above the pain?
Five girls tied by friendship. Five young women fighting their own demons. Five lives laced with sorrow. Will they be strong enough to save the men they love and make them happy?

The series comprises five interconnected, stand-alone novels: Asher, Tyler, Zane, Dylan and Rafe.

24415548Rafe Blurb: 

His name is Rafaele Vestri, Rafe to his friends.
He’s tall, strong, handsome. Distant. He often comes to the coffee shop where I work, but we don’t talk much. He looks at me, though. Stares at me, his gaze heated, and I can’t help but stare back. I want him, I won’t deny it. I’ve never seen anyone that beautiful, anyone that powerful, in my life.
But he’s growing more withdrawn by the day. Something’s up, and he won’t tell. I know about his past—the murder of his family when he was fifteen. I can imagine how much it must have cost him. So much violence contained in that strong body, waiting to be unleashed. What is he seeking? What is he training so hard for? Why is he looking at me like he’s dying to touch me, but won’t dare?
Even as I try to stop thinking about him, get interested in other boys, I realize I can’t. I’m caught, body and soul, just like that. And I tell myself, Megan, girl… What have you gotten yourself into this time?
Standalone novel. No cliffhanger.
*Warning: this book contains graphic language, sex, and violence. Mature readers only. Not intended for young readers.*

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Q – Quotes, Books & Tattoos

QMore cool book quotes in tattoo form:

Looking for Alaska by Joh Green
Looking for Alaska by Joh Green
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Let it Go by E.E. Cummings
Let it Go by E.E. Cummings
Harry Potter by J.K. Rowlings
Harry Potter by J.K. Rowlings
The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks
The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks
Still I Rise by Maya Angelou
Still I Rise by Maya Angelou
Withering Heights by Emily Bronte
Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

It would be so amazing to have a fan tattoo a quote from one of my books on their body. Maybe someday. What’s your favorite book quote?

Photos courtesy of Buzzfeed & Flavorwire

P – Phoenix Tattoo and Jade Eby


I have been doing #tattootuesday for over two years now and my favorite tattoo on a writer that I have met is Jade Eby. Her Phoenix tattoo is absolutely amazing. She is a cute little thing and she can carry off this big bad a– tattoo. Check it out.


Jade is a pretty awesome writer, too. Check out her latest.


We are over half way through the A to Z Blog Challenge. How are you doing? 

O – Old School Tattoos

OI had to share a few of my favorite tattoos styles on my favorite tattooed authors.

Old School Tattoos – When talking tattoos, a “Sailor Jerry” reference may get tossed around a few times. This classic style, also called “old school” or “traditional,” is a throwback to the art form’s golden age. “It’s been around for only 150 years, give or take,” explains Manino. “Very Western in design, typically done in three parts; one part black, one part color and one part skin. Thick lines are always used, and the motifs are typically nautical and military in theme. Eagles, anchors, swallows, hearts and banners, etc.” – Courtesy of A Guide to Tattoo Styles: Part 2

Claudia Bradsaw – I’d say my most meaningful tattoo is the memorial piece I had done for my grandparents. Shortly after I lost my grandfather, who was my favorite person and an avid bird watcher, I heard the song Birds by Neil Young on the radio and these lyrics helped me with his loss “When you see me Fly away without you Shadow on the things you know Feathers fall around you And show you the way to go.” and so I wanted something to remind me that they were still there with me even though they were gone… So I got two birds flying through forget-me-not flowers.


Season Vining – Third was the tattoo I’d been wanting for years. Two old school swallows on each side of my chest. I love these birds so hard. I am a fan of the more traditional tattoo flash and these are my tribute to that. They took three hours to complete and are still my favorite.


Tattoo by Luke Wessman – my favorite tattooer.

I don’t personally have an old school tattoo, but I love them. Nice to see how far tattoos have come.

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M – Mary Palmerin

MI met Mary at my first book signing in February in Austin. She and a girl friend drove down from Indiana, rolled into town, got a tattoo on her arm in the shape of Texas and signed some books and rolled out. That how I like to roll, too. – Sydney Aaliyah Michelle

1. How old were you when you got your first tattoo? I got my first tattoo a few weeks after my 18th birthday. I was terrified, so I started out small. I got a tiny, pink ‘M’ on the back of my right hip. The pain was nothing and I loved it!

2. How many tattoos do you have? I can’t count my tattoos now 🙂 I consider them “pieces”. For instance, I have my entire back done (my back pieces). They are several tattoos, separate ones, that have eventually just covered my back. I have my left arm pieces which consist of a my half sleeve, forearm, back of arm, and wrist. I have chest pieces on my sides as well as a left tricep piece. I added a new one on my right inner arm too! I have large thigh tattoos on both legs, calf tats, feet, and more! If I had to try to count, around 30-40!

3. What inspired you to get you first tattoo or favorite tattoo? My first tattoo was of course, our of rebellion. I will be the first to admit that. However, as I matured and understood the beauty and meaning, I began to appreciate it on am entirely different level. Every tattoo that I have Hilda great meaning to me, telling a story that is significant in my life. I can’t pick a favorite; some tell stories of love, sorrow, and loss while faith is scripted on my skin as well. I am proud of every single one.

4. Tattoos on a significant other, like or dislike? Explain why? I love tattoos. They are exotic, beautiful, and the makings of a person’s story. I also understand that not everyone likes them. My husband does not have any.

5. Do the character’s in your books have tattoos? If so pick a character and tell me their tattoo story? Yes!!!!! Lyla, the main heroine within The Scars and Sorrow Saga who is a lot like me, has three, all of which I have myself. Hers mean a lot. She has a lotus flower. They are gorgeous blooms that are a symbol of enlightment. They start their journey is dark, murky water; not an ideal or pretty environment. Yet, they rise to surface when they are ready to bloom, showing that beauty is possible through ugly. Lyla is proof of that. Her lotus flower is on her ribs while mine is on my foot. She also has the Virgin Mary along her spine, as faith is important to her. I have the same, though mine is on my chest. Lastly, she has ‘Only God Can Judge Me’ in Hebrew between her shoulders, a mantra she tries so hard to live by. I have that in regular English on my back, something I try to remember.

collage_20150130191744015-2If you want to connect with Mary, check her and her books out online.

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