O – Old School Tattoos

OI had to share a few of my favorite tattoos styles on my favorite tattooed authors.

Old School Tattoos – When talking tattoos, a “Sailor Jerry” reference may get tossed around a few times. This classic style, also called “old school” or “traditional,” is a throwback to the art form’s golden age. “It’s been around for only 150 years, give or take,” explains Manino. “Very Western in design, typically done in three parts; one part black, one part color and one part skin. Thick lines are always used, and the motifs are typically nautical and military in theme. Eagles, anchors, swallows, hearts and banners, etc.” – Courtesy of A Guide to Tattoo Styles: Part 2

Claudia Bradsaw – I’d say my most meaningful tattoo is the memorial piece I had done for my grandparents. Shortly after I lost my grandfather, who was my favorite person and an avid bird watcher, I heard the song Birds by Neil Young on the radio and these lyrics helped me with his loss “When you see me Fly away without you Shadow on the things you know Feathers fall around you And show you the way to go.” and so I wanted something to remind me that they were still there with me even though they were gone… So I got two birds flying through forget-me-not flowers.


Season Vining – Third was the tattoo I’d been wanting for years. Two old school swallows on each side of my chest. I love these birds so hard. I am a fan of the more traditional tattoo flash and these are my tribute to that. They took three hours to complete and are still my favorite.


Tattoo by Luke Wessman – my favorite tattooer.

I don’t personally have an old school tattoo, but I love them. Nice to see how far tattoos have come.

If you want to be featured on Tattoo Tuesday in the future, please let me know in the comments.


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