New York is Always New

I’ve been to New York countless times. I’ve seen dozens of shows on Broadway. I’ve people watched in Times Square more times than I can remember. I’ve eaten the famous pizza. I’ve drunk cider in many Irish Pubs between 1st and 6th. No matter what I do in New York, it always feels new and fresh.

The Chaos of Time Square

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When it comes to a New York hotel, you have tons of options. There are over 75,000 rooms in Manhattan. When I plan a trip to New York, I have been known to stay at two or three on one trip. Some hotels take on their neighborhood’s personality; you expect that. I discovered the Hilton Times Square Hotel offers a respite from the chaos of the area surrounding it. The hotel has recently been renovated and offers amenities that create a quiet and comfortable hotel. When the city calls you, you only have to walk outside and find yourself in the center of the city’s most active neighborhood.

Midtown East with Character

For the typical tourist, staying in Midtown means the west side and Broadway, but Midtown East and The Lexington New York City, Autograph Collection offer a new perspective on the other side of New York, literally and figuratively. Think New York style with a side of laid back ease. The newly renovated Lexington pays homage to the jazz greats of the past and present. The art deco lobby reminds you of the old New York, but with the modern convenience of a big city hotel. Shop on Madison Avenue just a block away, and continue another block and enjoy 5th Avenue and Rockefeller Center.

Chelsea Charm and Flair

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Larger than most boutique New York Hotels, the Chelsea Savoy is a reasonably priced alternative in a unique area of New York. Make sure to take part in the complimentary breakfast before you head out each day. Chelsea Pier, the massive sports complex overlooking the Hudson River, sits a few blocks away from the Savoy. I’ve always wanted to hit a few balls at the driving range or take a class at the gym with other New Yorkers. New York does some amazing things with parks in the cement city, so checking out the HighLine Park is a new experience to enjoy as I explore the neighborhood.

34th Street Entertainment

The 34th Street area of New York is shopping and dining central. While the tourists flock to the area, the locals enjoy the convenience and options as well. Dumont NYC – An Affinia Hotel fits perfectly in the neighborhood. It offers some of the most spacious rooms in Manhattan while providing fantastic views at a reasonable price for the quality and the area. You’re just south of the famed Murray Hill area of New York and close to Macy’s flagship store, as well as other shopping and entertainment venues on the surrounding blocks of the hotel.

It doesn’t matter how many trips I take to New York or where I stay — it’s always new and exciting.

What city can you visit over and over again? 

This article is part of a Hipmunk Travel Series.

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