Hipmunk Hotels: Good Eats in Santa Fe, Stateline, Boise, Wailea and Glenwood Springs

My bucket list travel has taken me to the west of this great country several times. I love this part of America. I think it has to do with where I’m from. I love how these cities embrace the past and the future to make them a great place to visit and to eat.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Image provided by Stacy Schiurring Kline via Trover.com

As a Texan, I understand how latin culture influences my everyday life. It’s worked into the fabric of the city I live in. I imagine Santa Fe, New Mexico is the same. Inspired by its Native American, Spanish and Mexican heritage, it is clear in the architecture of the hotels, buildings and homes. All ethnicities are shown in the food, too. You can find Mexican chocolate, mole sauces and Navaho bread in any neighborhood restaurant. That is an everyday way of life for locals in Santa Fe and an experience to savor for its visitors.

Stateline, Nevada

I spent several summers in the Stateline, Lake Tahoe area. It is probably one of the most beautiful patches of earth in the United States. It has so much to offer. The hotels are amazing. Whether you like winter or summer, water or mountain, water skiing or snow boarding, Stateline is the perfect adventure mecca. It is home to a small group of casinos that would make Vegas proud. With big time casinos comes big time events. None bigger then the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s annual Reggae Festival. The highlight of the festival besides the music is the Jamaican inspired food.

Boise, Idaho

Image provided by Carla Hunt via Trover.com

Located in the southern part of Idaho, Boise is the capital and has the most people, but with a population of 200,00, it a small town. I love small towns. Known as the City of Trees, there are plenty of great parks and sites to enjoy. The city offers great hotels in the city center and some of the nice down home restaurants. And, there is nothing like a small town diner for breakfast, my favorite meal of the day.

Wailea, Maui

Image provided by Quintin Doroquez via Trover.com

Wailea is my favorite spot in all of Hawaii. The beaches are pristine and not too crowded. The hotels are beautiful with amazing amenities and of course, beaches. The food is amazing. Locally sources fruits and vegetables and an ocean full of fresh seafood. I love the idea of my fish and shrimp swimming the morning of my meal.

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Glenwood Springs has hot springs, tram rides, caverns and spas. This activity laced Lake town in central Colorado boast some of the most majestic views in all of Colorado. While their mountains aren’t big, they are just as beautiful and offer its visitors any outdoor activity imaginable. For such a small mountain town, Glenwoods has an array of hotels and a diverse amount of food. You should try one of the historic taverns in the town square. Grab a pint, sit back and watch the sun set over the mountains and be grateful for natures beauty.

What are your favorite western inspired foods?  

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