Weird And Amazing Travel’s : 4 Things You Won’t Believe You Can Do in Sydney

This post was posted by Robert Schrader on Weird And Amazing Travel on February 24, 2016.

Perched atop hills and surrounded by water, Sydney is an extraordinarily beautiful city—there’s no doubt about that. What many travelers don’t realize about Australia’s largest metropolis, however, is how many off-the-beaten-path activities exist along Sydney’s well-trodden paths. Whether you’re looking for a rush of adrenaline, an urban retreat into nature, a terrifying game, or the freshest seafood meal you’ve ever had outside Japan, you’ll probably be caught off guard by these surprising Sydney activities.

Sydney BridgeClimb - Flickr user ImagineCup
How can you be afraid of heights with views like this? Flickr user ImagineCup

1.  Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Along with the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge is by far Australia’s most iconic symbol. Chances are you’ve already scheduled some time in your Sydney trip to marvel at the bridge (likely from the grounds of the Opera House), but did you know you can actually climb the bridge as well, for a Sydney panorama like no other?

BridgeClimb is 100% safe, so abandon your fear of heights, strap in, and enjoy the view! Plus, if you happen to stay in The Rocks, BridgeClimb’s main office is easy to reach by foot, which will give you some time to release anxiety and calm your nerves in advance of your climb.

Sydney Haymarket - Adam J.W.C. via Wikimedia Commons
Get trapped beneath the sunny streets of Sydney’s Haymarket. JWC via Wikimedia Commons

2.  Escape Solitary Confinement

While it’s true that there are worse places in the world to be trapped than Sydney, the fact remains that a windowless room in one city is a windowless room in any city. Indeed, when you visit Mission: Real Life Room Escape, located near Sydney’s popular Haymarket district, it will be your desire to experience all the amazing dining, nightlife, and cultural attractions around that motivate you to break out of the confinement into which this strange experience thrusts you.

The strangest thing about this adventure? The fact that Haymarket is one of Sydney’s brightest, sunniest districts most days.

Sydney Botanic Gardens - AussGa via Wikimedia Commons
They’re arent a lot left, but some spooky bats do call these cheery gardens home. Aussga via Wilkimedia Commons.

3.  Scope Out Bats in the Sydney Botanic Gardens

It won’t shock you that the Sydney Botanic Gardens are beautiful, particularly if you’ve ever visited them. In addition to containing hundreds of plant species from Australia and all around the world, the centrally located gardens allow you to bask in the glow of the glittering Sydney skyline, as well as the bridge and Opera House.

Although authorities have relocated many of the so-called “flying foxes” that have called the gardens home for decades (they destroyed many of the gardens’ plant species entirely), come around sunset for your chance at seeing the hangers-on who’ve remained. You might even be able to see some from your Potts Point hotel if you look closely!

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